Want An Apple iWatch 2? Get It For Just £69!

iWatch 2 for £69!

Are you in love with the new Apple iWatch 2? We all are. If not for the steep asking price, we would all own one! What if you could get it for £69? Well, now you actually can!

The Offer

There is a great offer from the health insurer Vitality. This one is an amazing deal provided, you have the stomach to complete the challenge. They have tied up with Apple and integrated their Vitality Active Rewards scheme into the iWatch. So they have offered the device at just £69 but whether or not that will be the final price you end up paying, will be determined by how active you are. So if you are a Vitality customer (or become one) and you remain active over their targets, you can keep the iWatch for this price only!

The Fine Print

This is a two-year plan. Your fitness will be tracked based on how active you are when you have your iWatch on. Using this data, you will be assigned how much you have to pay over and above the £69 you have already paid. The more exercise you carry out, the lesser this amount will be.

If you really work your face off at the gym and build up 160+ activity points, you will not have to pay anything back for that month. However, if you lie around the house doing nothing and collect 39 or less of these points you will have to pay the full £12.50 for the month. Depending upon your exercise and ultimately your activity points, you could end up paying £10, £7.50, £5 or even £0.

The Doubts

On the surface, it seems to be a win-win for the customer and the company but there is more to it. You have to factor in the cost of your Vitality insurance plan. Also, if your insurer is aware of exactly how much exercise you do regularly, will this change the rates of your future premiums or health insurance packages? These are some questions that need to be answered.

In the end, if you already hit the gym on a regular basis, this seems like a good deal and there is no reason to not grab this deal.

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  1. its a very good watch .like the added good modern features.

  2. Apple iWatch 2 is reall very smart and everybody loves it very much. Thank you Apple.

  3. Excellent goal with a perfect reward!

  4. i’ve been in love to watches for quite a long time, and this one, oh can’t contain my happiness if i get one.

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