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Smart Baby Wearables 2017


Babies are precious; they fill our lives with boundless fun and motivate us to do everything in our power to make their lives perfect. In this age of smart technology, babies have not been left behind; they too can be monitored in a smart, stress-free and sure way to make sure their vitals and mood changes are detected early to assure them of health safety. Below, we discuss two of the smartest technologies your baby should have.


Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet is all about saving infants’ lives. Using pulse oximetry technology, the Owlet smart sock monitors your baby’s breathing pattern during those crucial hours when you’re trying to catch some sleep. The smart sock also has an accurate heart rate sensor that notices any rise or fall in your infant’s heart rate.

1.5% of mum’s in America are already using it

Sadly, statistic indicates that 1 in every 1000 infants pass away in their cribs without the parents noticing; the most common cause being shocking. With the Owlet smart sock, you will be alerted immediately your baby experiences difficulties in breathing or a rapid increase or decrease in their heart rate. Conveniently tucked in your baby’s sock, there’s absolutely no discomfort caused to your baby; it is virtually weightless.

Hospital-grade technology in your home

With an initial investment of $10 million, the latest and most accurate technological features have been incorporated in this smart sock; having it can thus be likened to having a dedicated paediatrician by your baby’s side all day and night. In the long run, the smart sock not only gives you peace of mind but also ensures that you don’t have to incur huge medical bills while your baby undergoes excruciating corrective surgeries. By next year, Owlet smart sock will be available for sale across the U.S. You now know!



Developed specifically for children, this wearable wireless thermometer is extra-comfy and non-invasive; adults can use it too! All you need is an adhesive patch to fasten this micro thermometer under your baby’s arm; they won’t even notice it’s there. Using Bluetooth, iThermonitor links up with your smartphone or other devices to give you real-time updates on your baby’s temperature. Fevers are the clearest indicators of an ailment.

Available for both Android and iOS

To use its app, simply download it from Google Play or Apple store. You will be alerted whenever your baby’s temperature surpasses the normal threshold, prompting you to take the necessary corrective measures. Even when they’re far away from you, you’ll always be on top of the situation!


ithermonitor sensor

iThermonitor features

Apart from being non-invasive, the iThermonitor offers continuous services; in every 4 seconds, I capture new data and sends it straight to you via wireless channels. When you’re around the home, it does so through Bluetooth and when far away, through the internet.

You never have to worry about losing this crucial data as iThermonitor incorporates all this data in a Cloud service, making it easy to access the records from anywhere and at any time. While at it, iThermonitor acts as a medicine reminder, ensuring your baby never misses a dose of any prescribed medication they are on. Alerts are sent out to your smart devices whenever there is the slightest change in temperature outside the safe threshold. While at work, you can have peace of mind through remote monitoring of your baby’s temperature.

These devices are designed to make your life and more importantly your baby’s life as safe as can be. Trust the latest technology to offer you unparalleled convenience.


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  1. Should be new year’e resultion for my baby

  2. Very Nice & helpful Article. I am trying this tips with my baby. Thank for share.

  3. Like every parent out there, you may wish for your baby to be a little Einstein. It is true that being really smart holds many advantages in life for your child. you should not be Einstein tin order to make your baby smart and safe.You should build your baby’s sense of security(if your baby does not feel safe, he will not learn.
    Explain every things while pointing them out,than it will help baby to develop social and verbal skill.
    you should interact with your baby.Buy some toys for your baby.Feed your baby properly.Sing and dance together.Take your baby out from the home than your baby will learn and observe the things.Keep encouraging your baby.

  4. Very informative article.. hopefully will help parents for their babies.

  5. Your baby is nice and beautiful. We should take care of our baby timely. I think you have taken right care of your baby.

  6. This is so good for mothers, that helps a lot! It s simple and helpfull.

  7. I think this is very suitable for any will help to take good care of babies.

  8. Smart things make easier for parents to care smartly.I always recommend for smart technology for smart caring baby.

  9. need to start giving our baby different sensory experiences from an early age, to help him identify and differentiate things on this way development of his cognitive and motor skills will increase and help to became a smart baby

  10. hi there are 3 Simple Ways to Make Your Baby Smarter and safe :

    1. Make eye contact. Take advantage of those brief moments when your newborn’s eyes are open, and look right into them. Infants recognize faces early on — and yours is the most important! Each time he stares at you, he’s building his memory.

    2. Stick out your tongue. Studies show that newborns as young as 2 days old can imitate simple facial movements — it’s a sign of very early problem solving.

    3. Let him reflect. Have your baby stare at himself in the mirror. At first, he may think he’s just eyeing another cute kid, but he’ll love making the “other” baby wave his arms and smile.

  11. This article is very useful to know How to Make Your Baby Smart & Safe. I think this will help you very much.

  12. I thought this article is very helpful for a mother. who can raise her baby boy or girl on her own way than should be follow those instruction, But must be calculate your or your baby’s situation and environment to apply this hints or instruction.

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  14. Latest caring technology can take care of a baby and it will do this job of a mother.

  15. This article is very useful to know How to Make Your Baby Smart & Safe. I think this will help you very much. Smart things make easier for parents to care smartly.I always recommend for smart technology for smart caring baby.

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    I am using himalaya products to make my baby soft and is very useful products for my baby.

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    After reading it,
    Our children are the future, so we must be careful in its growth

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