Guide to the Best Fitness Tracker to date!

Top Fitness Tracker Till Date.


A fitness tracker is like an electronic finger on your pulse, constantly monitoring you step count, vitals and quality of sleep with unparalleled accuracy. The fitness band market is awash with all sorts of visually compelling devices, making it easy to be duped. Here, we’re only about the best and frankly so should you! We recommend the best fitness trackers in terms of standing out, quality of the accompanying software and design. Here are best trackers featuring the latest technology;

Garmin Vivosmart HR+


Resembling a classic timepiece, this fitness tracker has virtually all the sensors you think of such as a barometric altimeter, accelerometer, GPS and heart-rate monitor to barely scratch the surface. Though the visual aspect may not appeal to all, functionality has not been compromised. Its ruggedness makes it indestructible at submersions of up to 50 meters. Essentially, all these rank it among the few activity trackers that have the basic smartwatch functionalities.

Vivosmart Set up


Once it has been fully charged, you will be required to use your smartphone, Android or iOS, to download the Garmin Connect app; if you have an existing Garmin account, sign into it and if not, set up one (pretty basic). Once this is achieved, turning on the tracker’s Bluetooth will lead you to several on-screen commands that will pair your fitness tracker to your account and smartphone.

Samsung Gear Fit 2


Learning from past mistakes, Samsung has radically improved this fitness tracker at every possible turn. For starters, it is compatible with all Android smartphones using KitKat 4.4+, unlike its previous version which only tethered with Samsung branded smartphones. Its streamlined design also features the all-important built-in GPS.

Gear Fit 2 display


Its rectangular display is wider than Gear Fit’s, with more sharpness and vibrancy. Consequently, you get a more engaging media player as well as extra-worded notifications. You run is also fully mapped using the GPS function. Its Super AMOLED touch-activated display measures 1.5 inches, a design prospect that increases its pixel density to 322ppi (trouncing Gear Fit’s 245ppi). The reduced bezel around the display has given it a stronger edge-to-edge look.

FitBit Blaze


A legendary household name in fitness tracking, Fitbit has reinvented all its past iterations (Force, Surge and Charge) in the Blaze iteration, striking out all its past shortcomings. With its interesting fitness features, Fitbit Blaze is available at a low price and has an outstanding battery life. Its lack of GPS is, sadly, it’s the greatest undoing.

FitBit visual aesthetics

Far from other Fitbit version, this latest version has a display which makes it blur the line between fitness tracker and smartwatch. When using the right watch-face, its display is bright and virtually jumps out. Its square screen makes it appear even less of a smartwatch. It monitors your step, sleep quality and heart rate (around the clock). The bezels are unusually large and eat into the overall space.

Worth noting: This is strictly a fitness tracker with no pop-up notifications.

Misfit Shine 2


With this fitness tracker, the functionality and outstanding battery life appeal to many; its embedded battery lasts for a record 6 months! Its circular format features an array of multi-colored flashing lights. Asides from keeping track of your sleep, distance, steps and heart rate, this activity tracker vibrates to wake you up and notify you when you’re being called.

MisFit is impeccable at representing progress

When working on its custom level, the Misfit Shine 2 app assumes that all activity undertaken is walking. To correct this, simply choose from the several presets available in the menu. Furthermore, other favourite activities that aren’t included in the presets can be added by the user. The visual display of progress is not only aesthetically appealing but implores you to complete the circle.

Fun fact: Shine 2 users are able to access the Misfit Link from where they can control music, turn Misfit’s Bolt-Bluetooth lightbulb on or off and even take a selfie!

Jawbone UP2


This fashionable fitness band is unmistakably accurate in tracking your sleep, steps as well as displaying performance. Though Jawbone UP3 has extra advanced sensors, it’s still not clear what benefits these sensors bring. It’s newer and a shinier body has all the perks to appeal to fashion enthusiasts. Its design lacks bioimpedance sensors and a heart rate monitor.

best fitness tracker 2017

Jawbone battery life

The tracker’s battery life is anywhere between 5 and 7 days; when the battery’s about to die, you receive a notification on your phone. Its proprietary USB cable charger is only four inches long. A step above UP24 though, this tracker features a magnetic attachment which lines up the 4 pins with the wristband’s underside; this attachment, however, only goes one way.

Jawbone display

The orange man indicates an active mode while the crescent moon indicates a sleeping mode. The intermediary light flashes with either of these modes can either be a sleep notification or an idle alarm.

Moov Now

This tracker works with both iOS and Android and is precisely accurate in tracking sleep, boxing, running, swimming, cycling and other daily activities. If you’re looking for a real-time coach, this is your type of device. Its feedback is vocal and it utilises Omni-motion 3D sensors to track your movement. In it, you’ll find 12 guided workout plans. Unlike any other fitness tracker, it allows for third party heart rate monitoring.

Moov Now design and features


Eliminating the enormous disc-shaped sensor in its predecessor, Moov Now has included a lighter, smaller and glossy sensor entirely made from plastic. The black strap is still intact but the sensor has a wider range of colours. Though smaller in size, the sensor quality is still impeccable; your motion is captured and analysed in 3D. Through its collection of a wide range of data, you will be able to make crucial changes such as correcting the intensity of punching during boxing sessions and conforming to the right running form.

Jawbone UP3


As a response to feedback, Jawbone has included a REM sleep monitor as well as heart rate monitor in the UP3. In addition, you get access to ambient temperature and skin sensors with the latter being responsible for measuring your galvanic skin response.

Jawbone: comfort, strap and style essence


With this tracker, you can forget about the overlapping bracelet, ultimately making it more comfortable. It has a slim posture and is light in weight, all the sensors notwithstanding. The side-sliding mechanism used in the straps enable hold it in place while appearing sharply as a fashion accessory.

Jawbone battery life


Just like the UP2, its battery only extends to between 5 and 7 days. Partly, the reduced battery life from UP24 can be attributed to the extra sensors embedded in the fitness tracking wristband. The charge soon’ notification thus appears more often on your smartphone

All these fitness trackers have record precision with the only difference being in the range of sensors and functionality. With more functions, like those bordering next to a smartwatch, you have to dig deeper into your pocket, though. If you’re just about tracking your daily routines, though, you can achieve that at a more pocket-friendly price. Where do you lie?


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