How to Buy VR Headset with a Premium Budget

How to Buy VR Headset

Virtual Reality has caught up and sparked a trend that is hard to rival, prompting many people to ask how to buy VR with a flexible budget. This not only gives you a wide array of futuristic features but also offers you the highest quality VR experience available with today’s technology. Whether it’s for playing virtual games or watch VR films, pricy VR’s have a rare beauty and extra functionality that clearly sets them apart from the rest of the pack.

Here are pricey virtual reality headsets that will require you to dig deeper in your pocket; you’ll totally get value for your money!

Sulon Q

The GDC 2016 saw the unveiling of the Sulon Q, highlighting the VR as a major competitor against Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. If you’re toying around with how to buy VR headset, Sulon Q gives you the best viewing ability, complete with a non-PC and non-tethering feature. The AMD processor is conveniently located at the back of your head, making this VR independent from PCs.

sulon-cortex-how to buy vr headset

Just as in Microsoft Hololens, this high-end VR allows you to view AR applications through your smartphone. The computer graphics are overlaid on real world objects, giving you something rare to interact with.

Spatial audio is enabled through the embedded noise-cancelling microphones; this enables you to communicate with your device and app without the need for an extra mic add-on. Though the price remains unannounced, it is expected to be a pricey option.

OnePlus Loop VR

When settling on how to buy VR headset, this headset makes its mark by being universal to smartphones between the screen sizes of 5 to 6 inches. The company has already manufactured over 30k handsets, all compatible with the OnePlus Loop VR; these sold out almost instantaneously.

The field of view is 100 degrees wide with motion sensing making the VR even more alluring and suitable to high-adrenaline games which involve a lot of movement; your phone controls all this. The better your phone’s processing power and software, the better your experience will be with this VR. If you’re in doubt of how to buy VR headset on a budget, this is a nice option that conforms to your phone’s specs; the OnePlus 3 smartphone works impeccably well with the virtual reality headset.

Microsoft Hololens 

Still remaining as the most expensive VR and AR headset to be produced yet, Microsoft Hololens retails at an averaged $3,000, hinting at the ability to possess unique features only attributable to this headset. When settling on how to buy VR, this is the priciest option available to you. You get the device exclusively from Microsoft online store, with pre-orders already open Australia, UK, New Zealand, Germany and France.

Worldwide deliveries are possible too, with the VR’s ability to recognise gestures and voice commands being one of its highest selling points. The field of view is an impeccable 120 degrees, with the each axis being equipped with the ability to portray HD visuals. The headset runs off a battery and is totally untethered, making it independent from PC. This selection of premium VR headsets takes the virtual and augmented reality world to a whole new level.

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