Fashion Latest Digital Trends,Intel incorporated!

Fashion Latest Digital Trends.

Though Intel holds an esteemed position in the tech industry, it’s now venturing out into the fashion world in conformance with the latest digital trends. Their partnership with CVFF (CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund) is the latest indication of exciting times ahead for Intel in the fashion world. Arising from the partnership, 10 up-coming designers have been challenged to fuse digital trends in fashion with Intel Curie Chips. The innovations will definitely broaden the scope of smart clothing.


Wearables and fashion work well together

Since fashion has already accepted by virtually everyone in society, fusing it with wearables would make them acceptable at a higher proportion too; they will be more wantable’. Intel has proved impeccably good at solving challenges by adding functioning elements to its products; following digital trends, the number of solutions which could be found is unimaginable!

A range of design ideas

Theoretical and practical ideas are being pushed back and forth, testing their worth and realism. All the ideas are however concerned with sleep cycles, social issues, mass production and stage performance; this hints at different designer each trying to appeal to their consumer base. In all their designs, Intel has urged designers to ensure their designs are desirable, add value to existing products and fully integrate technology in conformance with digital trends.

Some of the designs

An idea fronted by Rochambeau has seen the incorporation of Curie into fashionable clothing; this disables 2 wearer’s smartphones whenever they are within a few feet of each other’s vicinity. Morgan Lane, yet another designer, plans on incorporating the chip into a sleeping mask made of silk to track the wearer’s brain waves, sleep cycles and body temperature. Such data is essential in coming up with biofeedback to help the user sleep more comfortably.

Chris Stamp’s Stamped is thinking more in the realm of fitting digital trends fashion items with a tracker. The tracker is sewn discreetly into the garment and is able to relay the entire garment’s journey to the wearer. The metaphorical journey, according to the designer, is of interest to some consumers who want to know more about the garment.

Krewe Du is an optic design whose creator, Stirling Barret, in conforming to digital trends, sees sunglasses much more than accessories. Why not use them to record intricate moments throughout the day? It is certainly a refreshing way of reliving the best moments you had during the day. Adam Selman’s design is a pin that can stick to your smartphone. The pin is not merely decorative but connects to it. Whenever you receive calls and other notifications, it will blink and vibrate to alert you.

On face-value, all these ideas are refreshing and unlike anything we’ve heard before. Digital trends constantly change on a daily basis and ideas like these are best explored within the shortest time possible before other competitors get wind of it and replicate them.

Intel is yet to fully review all these ideas and ultimately supports the selected designers into bringing premiere products in the fashion industry. Supporting these digital trends and ideas to product development will bring them to life, much to the pride of the designers.

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