Fitbit Charge HR review,the best fitness tracker??

Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker review.


The best fitness tracker is that which is; easy to use, energy conserving, inexpensive and offers the highest level of customization. Such kind of pedometer makes exercising eventful, enjoyable and incredibly easy. Does the Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker tick all the above boxes? Let’s find out.

Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker review.

Arguably, many fitness tracker /activity trackers in the market do not live up to your expectations. Does this mean despair? No. The Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker comes to your rescue. At the moment, it appears to be a serious flagship killer. It has some unique features which even the top flagships fitness tracker and smartwatch haven’t offered users yet. Look at the review of this fitness tracker to find out why the Fitbit is a worthwhile investment.


Fitbit Charge HR: The unique features.


Activity tracking feature.

When it comes to step tracking, the HR excels well. It can track your steps, the number of calories burned and the distance moved. You will love the accuracy of this device; it can differentiate between random arm movements and the actual steps. The best part of this activity tracker is its automatic tracking. You don’t have to start the stopwatch when you start the workouts. Whether you want to do light or intense exercise, the activity tracker will record all the data inside the app throughout the session.

Heart rate tracking.

A great addition to the Fitbit Charge HR which makes it stand out in the market is the heart rate monitor. This feature usually sits on the underside of the HR, but it does not create any discomfort when wearing it. Although the heart rate monitor does not guarantee the best results compared to those monitors you wear around your chest, still it does a fantastic job. If you have a separate heart rate monitor, you should switch off the heart rate tracking feature of the Charge HR to extend the battery life.

Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker review best fitness tracker 2017

Auto sleep detection.

The Sleep tracking feature is another great aspect that is worth a mention. While other fitness trackers need you to press “sleep now” buttons, the HR can automatically track sleep. This means that you can catch your Z’S without minding about your tracker. It will enter the sleep mode once it thinks that you have just fallen asleep. Moreover, it measures the amount of sleep you get as well how frequently you become restless during your sleep. You can access your average sleep time, history and the overall quality of sleep you get.

Inactivity alert.

You would agree with me that many activity trackers in the wearable technology do not detect when you become inactive for so long. The inactivity alert function of the Charge HR, however, raises the alarm which tells you that you need to get active. This feature makes it one of the best and convenient activity trackers in the market.

Durable batteries.

If you are looking for an activity tracker that can last for a reasonable duration, then the Charge HR is the best pick for you. Unbelievably, the batteries of this device can last for up to five hours on a single charge. You can check the battery level from the Fitbit app; it will tell you when the battery is low, medium or high. Additionally, the tracker will give you a notification when the battery is critically low. Your device will not shut down without giving you a warning.

Caller ID.

The caller ID feature of this activity tracker makes it so spectacular compared to other activity trackers within the same price range. You can use this feature to link your phone to the device such that you can get notifications of the incoming calls. Missing an important call while exercising is not something to be worry of. The built-in text notifications, GPS tracking, and music control complete the perfect finish of this activity tracker.

Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker review best fitness tracker 2017

Fitbit Charge HR: More to note.

The charge HR is the bee’s knees when it comes to data accuracy. While other wrist-worn trackers show some inconsistency, this is not the case with the HR. The OLCD screen is bright, and it switches itself off after a few minutes of inactivity. Fitbit has developed an app called “Fitbit app.” The app allows you to get access to all the valuable information about your activity on your Android mobile phone. The app will show you the device that is currently connected, the distance covered, the number of calories burned, the number of active minutes and much more.

The Pros…

• It is very accurate when it comes to step tracking. It will not skip any step. This implies that you can monitor your progress each and every day.
• It is an inexpensive option compared to other activity trackers.
• It offers a durable battery life. This ensures that you enjoy long hours of activity without worrying about the battery level.
• Simple, clean design.
• It is easy to use.

The Cons…

• It can be damaged if it is exposed to water. It cannot be used to track your activity while swimming.

• Lacks data analysischeck our review of the Samsung gear Fit 2.


Fitbit Charge HR fitness tracker review best fitness tracker 2017

Fitbit Charge HR Specifications.

• 1 Lithium ion batteries
• Dimensions: 6.9 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches
• Wireless synching
• Auto sleep and alarms
• Exercise mode
• OLED display
• Android, iOS, and Windows Phone support
• Flexible elastomer strap

Fitbit Charge HR FAQ.


Is the Fitbit Charge HR Waterproof

No. Although the device is water-resistant to 1atm, it cannot be used in the shower or during swimming. You should not confuse water resistant with waterproof.

What is the battery duration?
The battery of the Charge HR can last for 2-4 hours depending on the mode that the tracker is operating under.


Fitbit Charge HR: The bottom line.


At the end of the day, the Fitbit Charge HR is a worthwhile investment. You won’t find a simpler and convenient activity tracker that gives you the accuracy offered by the HR. with its caller ID it satisfies those who want to get incoming call notifications without having the phone with them. Other activity trackers at the price don’t get you many incredible features anywhere near as good as this. Overall, it seems to be the perfect pick for anybody.


So, if you want an accurate device that will make your exercising experience worryingly easy then you should consider investing in the Fitbit Charge HR. it is worth a trial!

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