How to Set Up Apple iWatch 1 / Series 2!

How to Set Up Apple iWatch

Before learning how to set up Apple iWatch, one must first press on either of the two small indents located next to the straps; these band release buttons release the band sideways to remove it. In the packaging, there’s a small and a large band depending on your wrist size.

Laying your smart Apple iWatch on any flat surface next to your iPhone syncs the two automatically; if possible, avoid manual pairing altogether when starting out on how to set up Apple iWatch. By pressing the pill-shaped side button, the watch turns on. A simple tap starts the pairing process between the companion app in the iPhone and the watch.

Specifying the wrist you’ll strap the watch on

Though this won’t affect the Apple Watch display, it helps a great deal in orienting the watch. This enables it to automatically turn on display when brought up for reading and dim off when the wrist is put down; apart from this being a cool feature, it saves precious energy too. If you’re sceptical, there’s no need to worry; the changes can be customised later in the app.


It is advisable to key in a passcode when continuing with how to set up Apple Watch. Once you take the watch off your wrist, the sensors take note and lock it. You’ll have to enter the passcode again when you strap on, making the watch secure and your data intact. The standard passcode is four digits but it is extendable up to 10 digits. It is not a must-use though.

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Extra protection

If you turn on the erase data’ setting in the app, Apple Watch will automatically erase all data contained in it after 10 consecutive incorrect passcode entries. You will also be asked whether you want to install all apps; it’s advisable to skip this option for later in order to speed up the setup completion. Too many apps tend to clog the watch face anyway.

Syncing with your phone only takes a couple of minutes after which you’re free to strap on your watch, input the passcode and raise the wrist to bring it to life.

How to setup Apple Watch home screen

When you scroll down Apple Watch, you find two sets of apps compatible with the device; the first set is composed of iOS apps while the lower selection has apps from other developers. The iPhone apps also have other third party apps bundled together with them. A simple tap installs these apps.

Set Up Apple Watch

Many of the apps provide glances. To achieve this, slide up your finger from the watch face bottom; you are free to enable this feature on up to 20 apps. Rearranging the apps on the home screen is similar to doing so on a smartphone. Tap on the app’s icon and move it to its new position. Deleting third party apps requires you to tap swiftly on their icons and selecting the delete option.

For an easier experience, use the watch app to rearrange the app icons. It takes lesser time by being more straightforward and refreshes almost immediately on the watch face. After successfully going through how to setup Apple Watch, it’s time for you to enjoy the spoils.

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