Apple iWatch 2; Leak,Larger Battery & Display

New Apple iWatch 2 Leak.

Anytime next week, it’s rumoured that the Apple iWatch 2 will be announced; several leaks have already released but the latest indicate that this sophomore smartwatch packs a much-needed battery bump. If true, this new smartwatch by Apple has an increased battery capacity of 23.4%; not all good news, though, the battery bump was earlier expected to be at impeccable 35.7%. With power-gulping components like the built-in GPS, let’s just say the battery life may not change much.

apple iwatch 2 leak

iWatch 2 Display

As noted in the leaks, the new Apple watch has a significantly thinner display. This could mean one of two things; Apple may be debuting a profile in the Apple Watch 2 and future smartwatches or the thicker battery is being accommodated.

iWatch 2 with 3D touch

With an additional chipset’ on the smartwatch’s Force Touch gasket, Apple iWatch 2 definitely has significant changes in its touch display. Though it’s not yet clear what purpose the chipset serves, some sources indicate that it could be for 3D Touch functionality. Has 3D finally made its way to the smartwatch industry? We’re talking about Apple, a smart giant, this could well be a possibility!

The 3D Touch display is expected to differentiate between the varying pressure sensitivity versus the Force Touch’s single-pressure sensitivity. If this is true, the Apple iWatch 2 will have officially ventured into the current iPhone’s realm; in essence, it will be a micro-iPhone.

iWatch 2 Design

If you were expecting a circular Apple smartwatch, you might have to hold onto that for a bit longer. The new Apple iWatch 2 is expected to have a similar design to its predecessor. The watch sizes also remain the same, the offerings being available in 42mm and 38 mm sizes.

These are just leaks so we’re not absolutely sure if this is all true; we’ll keep track of it and update you as soon as we view the Apple Watch 2 in its metal. At its San Francisco event coming up shortly, Apple will release more details and we’ll be sure to give you the latest information.

Watch the leak here…

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