Kronaby Smartwatch Review, Smart Luxury!

Kronaby Smartwatch Review.


There is no other piece of accessory that pronounces presence like a kronaby hybrid watch. a good watch helps you keep time, a smart watch makes you keep time in a stylish and elegant way. That is not all; its sleek design fits your wrist perfectly and adds to your worth. It is also made of stainless steel, is water resistant and made of none scratchable sapphire crystal glass over the watch thus making it more durable than others.

Kronaby Smartwatch Features


If you have been wearing a traditional watch, wake up and smell the coffee, it’s no longer in fashion, meet the sophisticated smart watch that is modern in its design with touch screen and an app that operates it incorporated. The long lasting watch is scratch resistant with a sheen added screen that reflects light in a beautiful way. You can customise the metal bracelets or leather straps that come with it to suit your colour and choice.

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Kronaby Smartwatch Body


Kronaby’s polished stainless body attracts every eye set to it. The contrasting face of black is clean and rests beautifully at the centre of steel. From far it looks solid but on wearing it feels lighter. The leather strapping of the watch gives you a soft massaging warm feel that gets even softer with the duration of wear. The metal straps are nicely worn on a sunny day; both for temperature and making statement purposes.

Kronaby Smartwatch App


Kronaby is the first of those watches that have fully functional easy to use the app. This is because it was developed in-house for sole purposes of making the watch simple, usable and upgradable in future. The three buttons inside the watch are customizable through the app. Just by dragging and dropping gestures, you are able to change or alter its functions regularly. It is important to note that it supports android and IOS software fully and that it is very stable across all of them. The app updates itself on a quarterly basis.


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Kronaby Smartwatch Uses


Your kronaby watch is an intelligent smartwatch that you can be able to use it for:

· Controlling the music playing on your phone( Bluetooth feature)

· Checking and recording the steps you have taken. This is for those who are exercise conscious. Notifications are delivered in form of vibrations or any other way you want it done.

· Correct display of the current date

· Taking a picture on your handset device

· By customising the notifications also, you are able to control who you want to give attention to by allowing and barring selected contacts.


Kronaby Smartwatch Price


Kronaby’s watch is one of the statement watches around. Wearing it displays your worth. Needless to say, if you want to associate with a particular class, it fits the role. That gives you the gateway to those business deals or her sweetness kind of a lady you have been admiring.

Besides that, the watch comes in a variety of designs and the expensive crystal clear glass. Not to mention the easy app that operates it. Now you do not expect all that to be cheap, do you? The app took two solid years to be developed before making the phone. That was to give you the best customer experience to enjoy. This is one kind of a watch that buying it gives you major satisfaction and peace that makes its price feel nothing. Go ahead and acquire it yourself to experience the magic of kronaby smartwatch!




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