TheTouch’s Ring, Revolutionising Ring History!

TheTouch’s HB ring revolution


From as far back as six millennia people were wearing engagement rings and wedding rings on the 4th finger in the belief that, the Vena Amoris is directly connected to the heart.

With over a billion people still following this engagement rings tradition, TheTouch’s HB ring is opening a new page in history. It promises the real-time heartbeat of your loved one on your ring. So what does all this mean? The ring comes with sensors that send signals to your partner’s ring, informing you where your partner is, anywhere on the planet, directly on your ring.

How it works


1) Tap your HB ring

2) The ring sends out a signal to your partner’s ring, anywhere on Earth

3) Sensors on their ring read their heartbeat and transmit it back

4) Read it in real time on your HB ring


Why the HB ring is in a class of its own


For the past six millennia, rings were relatively unchanged, and while they were made of different materials such as gold and diamond, they were worn on the 4th finger to symbolise the love connection between two people. The HB ring changes this by incorporating technology in a ring that is functional, precious, and durable.



Feel and see in real-time the heartbeat of your significant other, from anywhere on the globe without necessarily disturbing them.



The HB ring enables you to feel the heartbeat of you love unlike simply having a physical band. With Stainless Steel housing or Solid Rose Gold, the rings are an acknowledgement of history as they practically do not get old. By default, all rings are made of Stainless Steel, and Unibody Sapphire Crystal making them highly wear resistant. The gold rings are made of Rose Gold, which is harder than the typical gold ring, making it wear and scratch resistant.



Never worry again about scratched unsightly rings. Made of Sapphire that is the second-hardest material on the planet, and taking up to 8 hours to make the one Sapphire housing, TheTouch’s HB ring is water resistant and virtually unscratchable.



This is the most techno-savvy ring on Earth. It is the product of 2.5 years of research and development, to ensure the initial design is a perfect match for the hardware. The HB ring includes over 100 components and provides conveniences such as:

  • 14 hours active time
  • 160 hours of standby time, and
  • Bluetooth connection


Specs and Dimensions

Unlike the traditional wedding ring that is 19mm in diameter, 6.55 mm wide, and 2.5 mm thick, the HB ring is precise thin and practical. Moreover, you have a choice of 6 sizes of a ring 12 mm wide, 3.9 mm thick, and a diameter of as low as 16 mm – 22mm.


Mobile App

It comes with a mobile app – how cool is that. The HB ring has a mobile app for Android and the iPhone, which enables you to connect your rings without the need for physical proximity. Simply go to the iTunes or the Google Play Store, download the app, link, and pair your ring with that of your significant other.



TheTouch’s HB ring has arguably the most gorgeous charger of any wearable tech available today. It comes in either of two types of charger boxes.

1) Single Piano Black charger box – Custom designed for the utmost convenience of single hand closing and opening, coming in white soft inner padding.

2) Double Piano – This is the best way of charging both of your rings since it has two charging docks. Similar to the single piano box it comes in white soft inner paddings.



When will it be available?

According to the touch ring manufacturer website, you may preorder your rings from 2nd August to 31st August 2016, and be among the first to feel history like no one else has before.

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