Thync Device..Control Your Emotional Energy State!

Thync Review: Shift to calm State!


Thync device is an amazing wearable whose effect on your state of mind is simply put, revolutionary. Think of it as a mind-altering wearable, only that it focuses on placing your emotions exactly where you want them to be and at the time of your convenience.

Choose between two mood states


Are you yearning for a focused or energised mood? This will increase your attention span and help get things done fast and correctly. Thync easily achieves this the moment you choose this option. On the contrary, you might have just arrived home from work and wish to relax. To achieve this, choose the calm and more relaxed mood which will ultimately reduce your stress levels.

Thync has Vibe for motivation


To achieve your desired mood, Thync uses vibe waveforms; depending on where you’ve placed the Thync wearable, it can either be on your forehead or the back of your neck, vibe waveforms are sent and they the nerves in either of these regions.

Scientifically, taking routine 10-minute Vibes each day for a week will not only significantly lower your stress levels but also improve your sleep and ultimately raise your overall mood. You can easily achieve all this using Thync as opposed to pills and drinks!

thync review neurotrek thync device

Three easy steps


When you have your Thync, all you’re required to do is;

  • Snap your Thnyc onto a strip for easy attachment
  • Place the strip on either your head or the back of your neck
  • Access your Vibe from the application from where you can control it

The Thync app is easily accessible for download in both Apple Store and Google Play.

How you know when Thync is working


Energy vibes – When you receive this, you will feel prompted to stand up and start moving around. These vibes ultimately make you feel sharper and implore you to focus more.

Calm vibes – When receiving these, you thoughts drastically slow down, invoking a feeling of being more centred. While at it, you will be more aware of your breathing and in extension, feel a sense of pleasure run up your neck’s back.

Thync doesn’t work immediately, but over time


Just like all sorts of training, you can’t hit the ground running. In order to attain the level of vibe which works best for you, it is recommended to run each vibe at least 3 to 5 times; you will then be able to find the sweet spot that works best for you. The world will be your oyster, to feel and do as you please!


thync review neurotrek thync device

Thync works in amazing ways


The feeling of a massage, a splash of cool water or a kiss from a loved all evoke lovely sensations which are a result of nerve in your head or brain being stimulated. Thync wearable works on the same principles, only that in this case you have ultimate control of what happens. Through activating low-level electric pulses, you become the master of your own destiny, only limited by your imagination.

Welcome to the world of neurosignalling; if you hadn’t heard of it, now you have. Let Thync work its wonders in helping you attain your desired mood within no time. Are you ready? Join the movement here.

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