Wearable Tech Clothing for Protection against Radiation!

Wearable Tech Clothing (Boxers)

After conducting numerous studies, the adverse effect of wireless technology on sperm is irrefutable, necessitating the need for protective wearable tech clothing. Two wearable technology breakthroughs, Spartan and Wireless Armour, are employing wearable to protect men who often carry their phones in their pants; this places them at an unseen health risk which can be effectively shooed away with these ingenious wearable tech clothing underwear.

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Wearable technology clothing blocks radiation

The boxers are not only comfortable but also discreetly blend in silver, the material responsible for deflecting away all wireless radiation within close proximity. Acting as an electromagnetic shield, the material is totally non-invasive and protects your health. The daily exposure of sperms to cell phone radiation negatively affects the semen’s quality and in extension sperm motility, normal morphology, viability and count. This decrease in the sperm parameters can be effectively reversed by this game-changing wearable tech clothing.

Wireless Armour smart underwear wearable tech clothing

This wearable technology clothing promises to block 99.9% of harmful electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi devices like laptops and smartphones. The world-famous Billionaire Richard Branson has aptly described the garments as underpants for superheroes’. Retailing at $38-$55 (£24-£35), the wearable technology clothing offers an unbroken shield around its extents and banks on silver being among the best electricity conductors.

wearable tech clothing

Across the platforms, more smart clothing is using silver. The blend of cotton and silver results in a soft yet strong material of premium quality. With the addition of silver, these wearable tech clothing end up being more hygienic by stopping the spread of microbes, depicting it as highly antimicrobial.

This realisation has sparked a conversation that turns out to be more of a challenge. If it’s possible to protect this small portion of the body, why not extend the immense benefits to the rest of the body? We may all end up a little healthier courtesy of wearable tech clothing; it might just work against harmful UV rays.

Spartan Boxers wearable tech clothing

The silver threading takes up 35% of the material with cotton constituting the rest. The company describes their wearable technology clothing as both odourless and seamless besides being comfy. The company has trained its sights on making radiation-protecting underwear for the mainstream market; this could result in significant health benefits for men. Spartan boxers aren’t shy in fashion either.

For the development team behind these boxers, their motivation rose from shared personal interests of wanting to protect their health and fertility in a stylish way. Floods of studies have linked smartphone and laptop use to increased cases of infertility. Biologically, sperms aren’t able to repair any damaged cells, rendering them deformed and their DNA altered. The exposure levels are alarmingly high, a fact that is effectively dealt with using this stylish wearable technology clothing. Whether the laptop or smartphone is in active or standby mode, the devices are consistently emitting radiation too close to the male genitalia.

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The silver here also improves hygiene, evident in the odourless underpants; their antibacterial feature makes them convenient and utterly refreshing. Top U.S health bodies have applauded the use of silver in wearable tech clothing to boost hygiene and health. Should this extend to other body clothing, you ultimately end up healthier in this connected world?

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