Wearable Technologies Conference 2017 EUROPE

Wearable Technologies Conference 2017

From 7th to 8th February 2017, the wearable technologies conference in Europe will be held at Internationales Congress Center Munchen, Germany. Wearable Technologies has held conferences over the last decade with next year’s conference dubbed as a B2B event, essentially addressing the entire wearable-ecosystem. The extensive Wearable Technologies Conference exhibition will feature companies from each wearable market segment; it’s the perfect setting for networking.

Startups have been given a relief as the exhibition packages and tickets are available to them at reduced fees. The biggest names in the wearable industry have already confirmed their participation in the hugely anticipates wearable technologies conference in Europe.

Marking the 10th year anniversary of wearable technologies conference

Christian Stammel, Wearable Technologies CEO will be the keynote speaker, expected to highlight the past successes achieved through the previous conferences. Their road to success has not been without challenges in resources, logistics and most importantly, rapidly advancing technology amidst stiff competition.

The Misfit story, which extends 15 years back, will be in the offing with the company’s strategic partnerships director will share the lessons learned from 3 startups that have turned out utterly successful and household names. Delta’s business development manager will also be offering an anecdote on surpassing the healthcare value chain specifically for ECG heart and diabetes monitoring. Swiss watch industry CSEM will be represented by the Vice-President Systems, Jens Krauss; micro technologies for wearables will be discussed.

wearable technologies conference

Tackling unanswered questions in the past wearable technologies conference

Wearable Technologies Associate Director, Kevin Lloyd, has been tasked with answering bugging questions that are of great interest in the wearable technology industrial complex. This is a huge talking point that is one of the wearable technology conference highlights.

A Stanford University Teaching Fellow will then address ethical issues regarding wearables, most of which revolve around the need to safeguard consumers’ personal information and statistics. In the wrong hands, such information can be permanently damaging to the character and used for blackmail and extortion. Firstbeat, being a leader in fitness devices, will make its case on how to make data more valuable and reliable; this will ultimately be empowering to device users.

Otto Bock and Xsensio are other industry leaders expected to make their pitch during the conference and delve into sensing platforms and other interdisciplinary challenges in the wearable technology realm.

IoT and wearable technology


It is just a matter of time before IoT and wearable technology become inseparable. Microsoft’s Senior Channel Executive will elaborate the interoperability and insight offered by this new dimensions rapidly catching up with all aspects of our online activities and interactions; the rise of the smart home and how wearable technology will fit it are on the agenda as well.

There’s also an interesting pitch by Lisa Lang of ElektroCouture on how to facilitate the disappearance of technology; by all means, it’s impossible, which makes for an interesting listen in. an overwhelming number of wearable technology companies is lined up to make their submissions during the two-day wearable technologies conference.

If you’re in a position to attend, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge on the devices you use each day while knowing what is in the offing for the rest of the year. It would be wise to make a date!

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  14. If you’re in a position to attend, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge on the devices you use each day while knowing what is in the offing for the rest of the year. It would be wise to make a date!

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