Best Stress Management Wearables….Rewind Now!

Wearables for Stress Management.

With so many tasks waiting for us to handle in our daily lives, some level of stress is expected. Humans vary in their ability to handle or work under stressful conditions. What is bearable to one may not be manageable to another leading to headaches, tiredness and serious conditions such as cancers and high blood pressure. Due to obvious reasons, protecting yourself from stress should be a top priority. The following are some of the 3 best wearables for stress management.



This is a gorgeous looking wristband. Sona will not only help you to monitor your stress levels but also coach you on how to be resilient to stress. It has a built-in sensor to check your heart rate changeability and overall stress intensity. The band will give you information about the general state of your body, and provide you with 5 breathing and reflection sessions aimed at helping you to calm down.

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Bid stress goodbye with this classy and stylish bracelet. It keeps your heart rate in check (3 minutes each hour) and verifies your levels of stress, tension and calmness. This information is based on location, acquaintances and time of day. The bracelet is light, strong and friendly to your skin. The WellBe app helps you to identify stress triggers in your life and gives you ideas on how to calm yourself down. It helps you practice stress-reducing exercises such as attentive breathing, meditation and directed imagination.




Enjoy the intriguing discovery of Lief. This smart torso patch is aimed at helping you stay above stress or bounce back in case anxiety has taken a toll on you. It cushions your body against tension and trains it on how to react to stressful events. The patch will alert you when your body needs to be trained or reset. It measures your rate of breathing, steadiness, and takes stock of your overall mood during the day. Lief keeps in check and optimises your ability to adapt well to unexpected or intimidating situations. Worried about it being visible? No need to worry. The patch fuses well with your skin and will not protrude on your clothes.



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  11. Lief is a smart patch which can help you stay calm and focused throughout the day by controlling your body’s natural stress response.Thanks

  12. It is a smart patch which can help our.and focused throughout the day by controlling your body’s natural stress response.Thanks

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