Xiaomi Mi VR Play, World’s new favorite VR headset!

Xiaomi Mi VR Headset


Xiaomi, the world-renowned Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has recently announced that has just penetrated the virtual reality (VR headset) market. On Thursday, August 4, 2016,  Xiaomi the huge Chinese company has unveiled its first VR headset. Being quite similar to Samsung’s Gear VR, this beautiful virtual reality gadget allows you to dive into the amazing. World of virtual reality using your smartphone.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play


Of course, it wouldn’t be labelled Xiaomi if this new device would not come with a price of just $0.15 for 1 RMS. However, this price is only available for beta testers, and the Xiaomi has yet to mention how many people will be eligible for this offer. After its announcement a few days earlier, over 1 million of people have already registered in the beta program. This could only mean that people are hungry for virtual reality and they are willing to go the extra mile just to get their hands on one of these VR headset gadgets.


Virtual Reality is Here to Stay


There is no doubt that virtual reality is one of the biggest trends of the year. With so many new VR headsets launched in 2016, the competition is growing fiercer. Xiaomi Mi VR Play is not willing to stay behind, so they are now offering an entry level VR headset in order to promote this technology in China, where the technological advancements are still in “their infancy”.

Even though the Xiaomi Mi VR Play looks just like any other headset, it comes with two advantages over its competitors. First of all, your smartphone is held in place with a zipper instead of a plastic housing. Secondly, Xiaomi is offering a wide selection of colours and prints. Mi VR Play will be available in floral, pink, denim, lotus, camouflage, leopard and night sky designs.


Xiaomi Mi VR Play


Cheap but Fancy


Despite its affordability, the Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset is built from solid materials and is equipped with features that increase safety and improve your overall experience. Here are some of the aspects worth mentioning that make thisXiaomi VR headset stand head and shoulders above the competition:

– Customization: there is no surprise here. Xiaomi is a Chinese brand, so customization is something essential for them.

– Light and comfortable: this Xiaomi VR headset is made of lycra and can easily fit smartphones from 4 to 5.6 inches.

– Safety features: the Xiaomi Mi VR Play is equipped with an anti-reflexive aspheric lens that protects you from sunlight. Moreover, the two-way zipper ensures that your smartphone will be easy to handle and you will get to enjoy a rewarding experience.

– Perfect for China: people from China can’t enjoy Google’s services, including Street View, YouTube, or the Play Store. Xiaomi Mi VR Play VR will have its own dedicated apps and might replace Google services in the long run.

Xiaomi Mi VR Play

The Bottom Line

Even though the Xiaomi Mi VR Play headset is not yet available to the public, the pre-order phase is more satisfactory than anticipated. Expect this VR headset to go big and even take over the US and Canadian VR market in the future.

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  2. Xiaomi mi VR Play is a awesome VR headset. Price is very reasonable. Light weight with heavy performance. It can make you a real VR experience.

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