Best Sports Medicine & Performance Monitoring Wearables.

The Best Sports Medicine Wearables

The MEDICA 2016 Wearable Technologies show, expected to attract more than 130,000 visitors worldwide, will be exhibiting the latest technological gadgets in sports medicine. App performance monitoring is also an integral part of this year’s exhibition with 40 exhibitors from fifteen different nationalities jostling for the top position. Among the most promising technologies includes;

Firstbeat Technologies

Millions of consumers, including top athletes and innumerable elite sports teams, trust Firstbeat to convert their heart-rate data into understandable information which can be acted upon to improve performance and avoid injuries. All healthy solutions such as professional coaching and research are provided, making this app performance monitoring platform lie squarely at the heart of the sport.

As the official sponsor of MEDICA medicine & sports conference, the Finnish company has a number of surprises lined up for the exhibition; you can be sure your wellbeing will be placed in its crosshairs.

Cosinuss Technology Company

If you are after pushing your body to its limits, Cosinuss has several algorithms, data and multiple bodies building sensors to guide you into achieving this. Ear connect, for instance, is a crucial tool for athletes as it measures their core body temperature, saturation of oxygen in the blood and heart rate and its variability; all this is measured within your ear canal.

This app performance monitoring ability offers solutions to workers and the healthcare industry in addition to athletes.

Hamburg Applications

Real-time data evaluation and biosignal acquisition is now possible through small, portable hardware systems developed by Hamburg Applications. Research facilities specialising in game players, neuromarketing companies and professional athletes will benefit a great deal from this through data evaluation and biosignal acquisition. 8 biosignals can be established simultaneously and stored on an SD Card before transfer to a monitoring station.


Participating in the MEDICA 2016 show, this company is barely a year old, with commendable work to show for it. Their core mandate is enabling the measurement of physiological performance diagnostics; this includes the development and production and finally distribution of devices to analyse and measure optoelectronics. Their app performance monitoring strategy is totally non-invasive and happens in real-time.

The measurement and analysis of varying parameters help OXY4 support their consumers as they seek to optimise their performances.


Myontec offers you the world’s premiere smart shorts, capable of measuring your muscular tensions and parameters. The companion mobile app relays these measurements and carries out instant analysis in real-time. Your online sports diary is filled with a wide range of exercises which have been analysed and completed with follow-up features. Your everyday performance and workouts can now be intelligently analysed through the comprehensive Mbody system.

The Mbody Pro garment accurately measures your muscular activity; through the mobile app performance monitoring platform, you get a better understanding of muscle behaviour as one does exercise. The company has been applauded and acknowledged on several occasions and once again, it brings its superior products to MEDICA 2016 conference.


Fitness rehabilitation has always been a challenging field given that different athletes and individuals suffer differently and require tailor-made solutions, often costing an arm and a leg. This technology company has ingeniously put together cutting edge kinesiology and biomechanics solutions; they are readily applicable in sports as well as in the medical profession. It is hugely anticipated that more of these solutions will be made known to the consumers during this year’s conference.

The patenting of their programs only indicates the complexity of these platforms, turning people’s lives around within a short time-span. All their research in done in-house, subjecting the programs to an ideal situation. During the rehabilitation processes, the effectiveness of the programs is proved beyond any reproachable doubt. General physiotherapists and athlete rehabilitators have termed it an invaluable company whose products are easy to work with and show results in no time.

Elite football clubs such as Barcelona are using their products to reduce the rate of injury as well as predict them in good time. As an app performance monitoring platform, these products are ready for use in top research institutions as well.

MEDICA 2016 Conference has all the sports medicine goodies you’ve been waiting for all year long; the app performance monitoring abilities have improved immensely and provided you with data granulated to the smallest units for maximum performance enhancement.

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