The Apple iWatch 2, What To Expect?

What To Expect from The Apple iWatch 2


The second generation of the Apple smartwatch (iWatch) release date rumours hints at a September debut along with the release of iPhone 7.

The top notch Apple smartwatch, which is worth being referred to as Apple Watch 2 or iwatch 2, is expected to look just like the current model but will include a GPS, radio as well as a barometer designed to enhance its geo-location capabilities.

Needless to say, it is an excellent watch designed with high-end hardware to jumpstart the category. Therefore, this write-up is solely aimed at giving you the top five things to expect from the Apple iWatch 2.


Better battery life

It goes without saying that everyone requires a watch that offers sufficient battery life. Hence, Apple has ensured that Apple iWatch 2 comes with a battery that can last longer.

Therefore, it serves to save you the agony of recharging it frequently. Furthermore, if you are a fitness tracker, the better battery life of iwatch 2 will enable you to track your workout or sleep without the worry running out of power while you are asleep.

Besides, Apple has considered using a more reliable and efficient processor as well as make watchOS3 optimisations so as to improve the Apple smartwatch 2`s battery life.

New screen technology

The Apple smartwatch 2 will come with Micro LED display. Hence, it has been enhanced to make it more bright and vibrant.

Furthermore, Micro LED display is a kind of screen technology that uses less power to illuminate your screen. Therefore, apart from improving the Apple Watch 2`s display, the use of Micro LED will help in improving its battery life significantly.

Moreover, the power panels of Micro LED are not powered by a backlight. Hence, they offer an enhanced brightness as well as colour gamut as compared to the use of LCD technology.

Cellular connectivity

Cellular connectivity is good news to those people who are devastated with the current generation`s huge reliance on a tethered iPhone to offer phone call functionality or basic iMessage. It is a brilliant addition to standalone phone network connectivity onto your wrist-worn Apple Watch 2.

Nonetheless, this is a feature that needs an extra data plan on top of the one that Apple already have for both iPad and iPhone, benefits such as making phone calls, using GPS, and streaming music without necessarily using an iPhone.


Apple iWatch 2 will be suited to a broader range of both sporting and outdoor activities. Unlike the current Apple Watch design which is protected for only a short duration when immersed in water, Apple Watch 2 has been significantly improved. Furthermore, to make it more suitable for sporting activities, Apple have boosted iwatch 2`s waterproof standard from IPX7 to an IP67 waterproof standard rating.

Health warnings

The Apple Watch 2 will have the capacity of keeping track of your statistics more than the first generation Apple Watch. The watch will not only track your stats, but it will also maintain records and any other information regarding your health.

Just like the car warning system, Apple Watch 2 will give you possible health risks on time in accordance with the health privacy regulations.

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