Good News About Facebook Oculus Future.

The Facebook-Oculus Connect 3 Event

The highly anticipated OC3 is underway in San Francisco, showcasing a raft VR headsets; clearly, Oculus is not taking a back seat anytime soon. Among the biggest news of the day is the new controllers being engineered, Cheaper PC virtual reality, new touch games as well as Facebook Oculus production of a standalone VR.

The standalone Oculus Rift

Though it’s a prototype still in its early day, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has hinted that this will bridge the gap between the mobile VR and the high-end PC VR; ultimately this will enable you to enjoy the best hassle-free VR experience without the need for a secondary device.

This Facebook Oculus project has already aroused anxiety across the platform as it hints at venturing in a new direction altogether.

All new Oculus Earphones

Though the existing audio on Oculus Rift is pretty good, the introduction of the headphones gives you additional options with passive noise isolation being achieved via the earbuds. Pre-orders on this can be made from 10th October with the shipping is set for 6th December; just in time for the holidays! You’ll only need to part with $49.

Oculus Touch

The most interesting revelation about this is that Facebook Oculus Touch is featuring controllers which have The Unspoken’ and VR Sports Challenge’! The Touch is also equipped with extra sensors further complemented by a connector specifically for Rock Band VR’. Oculus is also set to implement room scale through the release of an additional sensor for $79, a feat that has already successfully been achieved by HTC Vive.

With pre-orders being available from 10th this month and shipping set for 6th December, this is all perfect timing.

Brand new Touch Games

Even as game developers continue to work out the best titles, many games have been announced for us with these controllers. Some of the games, if not all, have multi-player options, Kingspray’ being a perfect example. Other games include Lone Echo, Artika.1, and Robo Recall. Whereas most of the games emphasise on Social VR, there are a couple of shooters to ignite your adrenaline.

Social Virtual Reality

Zuckerberg was quick to mention that a huge investment in Social VR was necessary to enable you to create your own avatar in the games; you will literally be in it! With more than a billion combinations to choose from ranging from colours, accessories to clothing, we’re pretty sure you’ll find yourself somewhere in there. This is as real as Facebook Oculus gets.

Oculus Rooms and Oculus Parties provide you with great platforms to meet new friends as well as make a call to those you already know.

Affordability of PC VR has been a great bond of contention over the past as only high-powered PCs were able to support the VR experience. With the pact Facebook Oculus has come up with, the PC specifications i.e. the processing power as well as RAM capacity amongst other, have significantly reduced. Gigabyte, Aorus, Lenovo and Asus already have VR-ready PCs.

Developers get more money

So far, Facebook will have invested $500 million in burgeoning content creators and developers which will help bring countless ideas to life. Facebook Oculus is not only about releasing new products but also providing adequate training, mentorship and funds whereby select universities will have access to Unity workshops.

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