The Black GoPro HERO5 Exclusive Review

Black GoPro HERO5 Hands-on Review


GoPro HERO5 certainly suits is the description as the best and most used rugged action camera that captures meticulous footage in the extreme sports world. When the original GoPro was launched in 2006, the detail in rugged environment video footage has been steadily improving; the GoPro HERO5 black couldn’t get better.

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Packed with smarts

The audacious GoPro, since 2006, has been known to be a favourite among adrenaline seekers but with the new GoPro HERO5, everyone can enjoy capturing life’s best moments and connect to the cloud. The clarity and richness in colour of the footage are simply appalling.

It’s a performance pro

Equipped with three microphones, GoPro HERO5 reduces and avoids the wind noise, ensuring that your entire footage is muffled; it does this automatically through sensors. With this new model, you no longer have to do a lot of post-editing as the camera’s lens gives you a sweeping view of whatever you’re covering through the iconic GoPro fish-eye effect.

When exposed to the elements, GoPro HERO5 smart camera performs brilliantly when taking 12MP snap stills and shooting 4K videos (at 30fps). Featuring WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and manual modes, the former evens out the image through balancing dark shadows and bright light to even out the image.

GoPro HERO5 features and price

This high-performance rugged camera will set you back $349, which will be totally worth it. With the black HERO5 having a waterproof box, you won’t require purchasing a wetsuit; its depth is up to 10m, making it ideal for surfing, swimming pool and snorkelling activities.

The new GoPro’s simplified one-touch button hints that GoPro HERO5 has borrowed an idea or two from Session. Even when wearing thick gloves, it is now easy to access and push the button. Its clean design is absolutely lovable!


Previously, only GoPro HERO4 Silver had a touchscreen; the new HERO5 features a 2-inch touchscreen, making the adjustment of settings and accessing the companion app when you need to view your footage is a walk in the park.

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GoPro HERO5 voice commands

This smart camera is capable of executing 13 voice commands, all of which can be used to activate sequences such as recording, marking favourite captions and stopping amongst other functions. For instance, saying that was sick’ instantly marks a caption as a favourite, making it easier to find when editing. To record, say GoPro start recording’; all the other phases have been provided as well.

Currently, GoPro HERO5 recognise 7 languages and is particularly good at recognising the user’s voice. All this is invaluable since it is dangerous to push the buttons on a camera when tearing down the road at incredible speeds; everything is audible even with all the noise!

Spectacular video quality

Even in dim light, its video quality is decent. In bright light, however, you never miss a thing, all thanks to high resolution and full-fledged 4K video recording at 30fps. The lower the resolution, the higher the fps that can be handled.

Excellent image stabilisation is achieved electronically, resulting into crisp and flawlessly smooth footage uploaded directly to the cloud! We will keep you fully updated with the latest news and developments on this fantastic piece of technology.


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