Halloween Special:Virtual Reality Horror Games & Movies.

Virtual Reality Halloween Games

Halloween is the time of year to drown in sugary treats and scare yourself silly; add a couple of toddlers Halloween games into the mix and you have the perfect recipe! The ultimate way to relish horror games is through a VR experience.

Since we aren’t spoilers, we will only give you snippets of the best horror VR and films you should check out this Halloween;

Best of Halloween games

Affected: The Manor

The fun in it easily qualifies it as a perfect fit as among the best toddler Halloween games, packing a good deal of scary. As soon as you put on your VR headset, you will be treated to a mysterious immersive play that will either leave you really scared or absolutely in love with the manor. As you’ve probably noticed, the title isn’t new and has been around since rift DK2, hinting at scary’ experience. You’ll only need to part with £1.49 to fully enjoy it.

Face Your Fears

What is your worst fear? Standing off a ledge several hundred feet on a roof top? Face Your Fears’ is a VR game that does just that; face your fears in an adrenaline jerking excitement-packed environment. You will recall vividly your childhood fears as a giant robot pursues you relentlessly up the scariest building imaginable. You get all this absolutely free!

ALQOM: A Large Quantity of Mushrooms

Among toddler Halloween games, ALQOM stands apart uniquely as a game bringing together horror and beauty. The world is surreal and dark, invoking a thrill as you find your way through the eerie puzzle to safety. Along the way, you encounter all manner of strange and hideous creatures, scaring you to your guts! You will view nature in totally new light after being taken through the enthralling experience. The game retails at £9.99.


Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin’ Gallery

An old and abandon tourist attraction is the setting for one of the most thrilling toddler Halloween games. Throughout its 25 minutes of play, the game takes you through a treacherous gallery and mine. You can be able to stand on the rails and scare your wits even further. This game tests how good you are at shooting. This immersive gameplay gives you the freedom to move on the rails freely and test the depths of your fear. All this comes to you at £5.99.

Emily Wants To Play

You as the pizza delivery guy gets sent out on a pie delivery mission that may be your last, depending on how you handle the situation. The house you get sent to is overgrown with weeds and the setting is in the chilling, raining and darkest of midnights, evoking a real Halloween experience. The clown from hell makes its debutant appearance at the moment when you expect it least. When you play this immersive and nerve jerking game for yourself, you’ll hardly want to put it down. The game retails at $4.99 and supports Oculus rift

The game deals Oculus is offering you for toddler Halloween games


This Halloween weekend, you get a whopping 50-75% discount on the scariest VR games yet. As long as you own an Oculus Rift or Gear VR, you’re slotted in right away. The games you get to choose from are wide ranging. One is staged in an eerie desert motel that is equally deserted; you task is to figure out what’s going on there and around the creepy surroundings. In another setting, this time a Victorian town, you are totally lost and trying to figure out what and who you are. The mystery surrounding all these augers well with toddler Halloween games.

Another scary Halloween game laden with fast-moving zombies which will quickly catch up with you and turn you into one of them if you don’t make a quick getaway. You have to quickly grab whatever useful items you’ll need to stay alive in this highly charged environment. A horror puzzle presents you with no other solution other than fighting your way to avoid plunging into madness in a dark dungeon. It is quickly turning into a classic that VR gamers can’t seem to get enough of.

These and many other VR games will keep you and your kids fully engrossed in a thrilling experience this Halloween weekend.

Experiences and films

The Forest

After watching this film, you might altogether decide never to go out camping in the forest ever again; the tent won’t treat you any better either. The creepy and utterly scary experience leaves you feeling asphyxiating as it leaves you holding your breath till the next scary turn of events. It is free and supports Google Cardboard or any other VR viewer.

Easter Bunny 360

This has been rated as one of the weirdest Halloween films, leaving you wishing that next year’s Easter will somehow pass by without any scary incidences. For first-time horror watchers, this film might get so much on your nerves and scare you for days. The film is free on Google Cardboard or any other VR viewer.


This mystery thriller is directed by none other than Doug Liman, the creator of The Bourne Identity’. The miniseries has 5 parts, all action packed and about to make your Halloween the best one yet. All major VR headsets the likes of Vive, Rift and Gear VR support the film and take you through an immersive experience of crazy twists, cliffhangers and so much more. If you happen to break away from the conventional scary goodies, these six minutes of unrealistic experiences get the job done.


As the name suggests, you are using a droid to try and accurately locate the source of a signal; it’s coming from an asteroid that is yet to be discovered and you have to act fast and work it out in good time. The music is so terrifying and chaotic that it only work you up even more. Don’t forget the pitch darkness that has you stumbling into the unknown with minimal time to react. You will definitely have a lot of fun in space for only £1.99!

This Halloween, toddler Halloween games as well as those you will also find thrilling are coming to you for low prices, with most absolutely free. Take your pick.

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