Best Healthcare Wearables for Women’s Pain Treatment

Wearables for Women Treatment.

When it comes to ingenuity, wearables in healthcare, especially for women treatment, have grown immensely over the last few months.  these women treatment wearables attract more users annually with the number steadily rising.

Here are some of the women treatment wearables we found amazing;

Color Seven,Women Stress-Free

When suffering from PMS and dysmenorrhea, women endure considerable pain. This low level light medical device is the perfect therapy to prevent these ailments and consequently keep pain at bay. Color Seven, the manufacturing company, was the first to develop Skin Adhesive Color Light Therapy’, a technology which made it possible to treat dysmenorrhea.


Women who experience urine loss now have Carin, a premiere women treatment wearable that is so small that you forget you’re wearing it. A test administered by health professionals proved successful, clearly showing that LifeSense Group, a design-tech start-up, will be designing more of these wearable healthcare devices. The size, shape and location for wearing it have been clearly thought-out.

Shecare Fertility Tracker

Big data technology and the internet of things are the platforms on which this fertility tracking device rely on. The best form of IoT in the healthcare industry yet, Shecare fertility tracker is essentially a smart basal body temperature thermometer, connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

It uses fertility awareness methods to accurately identify women’s fertility days and relays this information on the companion app; giving women ultimate knowledge and control of your fertility. Buy now.


Menstrual pain could soon be a thing of the past with Livia. When looking for suitable avenues for women treatment and pain management, Livia’s developers came up with the ingenious way of blocking menstrual pain and cramps from registering in the body, which is amazing! The device safety has been proven too.

From a simple touch, Livia kicks into high gear and stimulates the nerves into blocking pain from reaching the brain. Women no longer have to take pills to prevent the pain.


As a member of the esteemed Microsoft Ventures, Raiing is all about the creation of an ecosystem whose operations are through an open software and hardware platform. The success is pegged on the collaboration health IT innovators coming up with devices for women more here

Raiing’s technology provides the end users with a continuous and remote monitoring of the body temperature from anywhere. The solution will work for clinical and consumer markets alike. Buy iThermonitor 

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Device for Pain Treatment.



Designed by HIVOX, a Taiwan-based Bioinformatics Company, pennypad is a promising pain management device which comes with the highest quality certificate. The company also has other healthcare products such as Dreamate and Snore Stopper, all meant to make your sleep better and enjoyable. Bioinformatics are useful in the detection and analysis of multiple biological properties.

Evomed’s PAINmate

Using vein illumination technology, Evomed’s innovative non-contact thermometers are currently being used by hundreds of Australian medical facilities. PAINmate TENS is completely wireless, ultra-light and readily portable. The relief derived from the device is targeted and fast to achieve. Fitting comfortably under your clothes, this high performing device is the size of an average hand.

With PAINmate, you can forget about hip, shoulder, neck, knee and back pains altogether!

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