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IFA 2016 Wearables Updates…


With so much going on in the wearable world at the IFA 2016, we thought to bring you our daily digest in case of you missed it!…

Withings Steel HR

Withing’s wearables have always been one of a kind; rather than exhibit a digital display or none at all, they’ve been all about analogue clock faces. On hand portrays the time while the other portrays the progress you’ve made on your daily activity goal. Not wavering from this cherished tradition, the latest Withings release, the Steel HR, looks and feels like the regular watch.

Withing’s display is always on

I’ve got to give it to them; this ingenious feature will have you thinking that you’re wearing a regular watch. To further complement this feature, the new Withings Steel HR has an assortment of regular watch faces. As you would expect, the watch’s functionality has been significantly cut down. With no music player, GPS and maps, the Steel HR only has a small secondary display that appears discreet and keeps its analogue aspect alive.

Health data displayed

In the midst of all this, the Withings Steel HR assures you of its smart capability as it displays the steps walked, calories burned and a few other parameters. Notifications from your smartphone will also be displayed.

May not be the prettiest!

If you prefer the earlier designs by Withings, the Steel HR’s design may not appeal to you. All the same, there are a few extra tricks coming with this screen. With its new heart rate tracker positioned at its back, it clearly qualifies as a smartwatch. This is the perfect fitness tracker that won’t attract attention to you; folk will just ask you, what time is it? Period.

Alcatel’s Movetime Wi-Fi Watch

Under its new range of wearable devices dubbed Move’, Alcatel has unleashed a myriad of wearable at the IFA 2016; most notable in this category is the Alcatel Movetime Wi-Fi Watch’, smart by any measure. As a sequel to the Alcatel OneTouch Watch, this watch not only offers you the standard notification alerts but also throws in several fitness features.

Basics you can now track

Apart from tracking basics such as the calories burned, steps taken and total distance travelled, this smartwatch also takes notes of intakes including caffeine and water; in essence, it will go a step further than your average fitness tracker. As per Alcatel’s incentive, it will track your heart-rate too!

Differs from its predecessor

Unlike the Alcatel OneTouch Watch, the Movetime Wi-Fi Watch’ comes with a microphone which enables you to directly make and receive calls through it. With this new model, call notifications, emails and texts are brought right to your wrist; we live in a fast-moving world and any missed minute could mean huge losses in your income. The extent to which these multiple notifications will be viewable is still sceptical.

Charging time

Alcatel claims that this smartwatch’s charging time will be approximately 2 hours which places it in the realm of smartphones. The charge will last for four days and the watch will be able to hook up to an application which lets you know when your child or pet moves outside the safe zone. A new smartwatch for children is also in the production line. It’s all good tiding ahead!

Fossil Q Marshal & Wander Smartwatches

Fossil is a wearable giant by any measure; earlier in February this year, the group announced the release of the new processor dedicated for wearables, Snapdragon Wear 2100. The new fossil wearables, Q Marshall and Q Wonder will be the first of Fossil’s wearables to use this technology. Though not the first smartwatches to use this chip, they are the first to ship it to you!

Less power

When contrasted against the previous Fossil releases, these two latest releases are expected to use 25% less power than their compatriots. Since the processor is part of the always on’ touchscreen, the power consumption significantly reduces even when the smartwatch is consistently used; few smartwatches can boast of having this feature.

Shipping started August 25th

Retailing at $295 and $ 315 respectively, the Fossil Q Wonder and Q Marshall wearables work entirely different from others in their category due to their unique chipset. They not only have impeccable battery life but also feature fast opening on third party applications. Other processor makers can only try and match up to the alluring Snapdragon Wear 2100; its name alone leaves you in awe!

Qualcomm VR headset

In their effort to drastically reduce their cost, Qualcomm has released (during IFA2016)  its new reference frame meant for standalone VR headsets. Code-named the VR820 , the reference platform includes the entity’s ubiquitous Snapdragon 820 SoC; it has an eye tracker as well as a six-axis motion tracker further complemented by its pair of AMOLED displays with an unmatched resolution of 1440×1440; it never gets better than this.

Save R&D Costs

If they choose to use this platform, 3rd party users stand to benefit greatly; their overall cost will thus reduce quite significantly. This trick has been used before and it worked well with smartphones; it’s certainly not a bluff. In any case, Qualcomm deserves all the praise for trying to help out their competitors.

Internal features

This new release features two dedicated cameras for tracking your heads movements as well as external cameras facing forward; these are for enabling augmented reality experiences. All these alluring features are yet to be tested; stick around for the latest updates.

Sony’s Xperia Ear 

It’s been a long time coming for this widely anticipated wearable; Sony has been at it since last year and finally the IFA 2016 has confirmed it. This tiny device will be powered via Bluetooth and NFC. Expected to arrive in November, its retail price is yet to be released. Folks in IFA 2016 Berlin are already trying out the device, clearly showing that Sony is dedicated to quality as it expects honest reviews.

It works wonders!

Through a series of voice commands, this wearable device will execute commands beyond your wildest imaginations. More to that, you also hear notifications, receive directions and review your schedule without having to look at any screen; amazing! By far, it’s way better than Amazon’s Alexa as you don’t have to stare at a screen or wearable anymore; just talk your heart out and the ear voice assistant tells you all you need to know.

As soon as we have its pricing, we’ll be sure to update you. Always count on us to get you the latest wearable information even before you know it exists. Our pleasure is in quenching your wearable information thirst!


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