The iWatch 2 Review,all you need to know!

iWatch 2 Review

At the time of the first Apple Watch release, there were many connectivity and feature functions lacking; a lot has changed in two years, though. The wearable market having considerably changed, the iWatch 2 review is all about the new features Apple has now incorporated in their latest smartwatch release, the Apple Watch Series 2 or simply iWatch 2.

With its raft of new features, on a quick review iWatch 2 is now at par, if not having surpassed, the most formidable names in the smartwatch frontier. The company made a wise move by teaming up with the legendary Nike; the brand name alone attracts a huge audience who are willing to spend for the highest quality in smart watches. The team-up though means that there will be dedicated app as well as Nike’s own straps.

iWatch 2 release date and retail price

Come 16th September, this ingenious invention will be officially released to a multitude of eager users, showcasing its prime features. If you aspire to be its proud owner, be prepared to part with $369 (Approximately £275, AU$480); this price is for the base model. It’s just about $100 more expensive than its predecessor.


iWatch 2’s ceramic version

Here’s where it get a bit complicated; would you be willing to part with $1249 to acquire this design? Well, by all means, it is an unfair price as those in the UK have to buy it as £1249 (AU$1799); when you do the math, that’s a rip-off. Our iWatch 2 review honestly think this is overvaluing for the same features with just a different design to boast of.

Its release date is perfectly timed as Apple will also be releasing their new iPhone 7 & 7 Plus at the same time; you can thus expect no delays with this one, as was, unfortunately, the case with its predecessor back in 2014.

iWatch 2 design

If you are into swimming, the new Apple Watch Series 2 comes with a waterproof design; it doesn’t have to leave your wrist and you get to track as an extra activity. In general, though, the design remains strikingly similar to that of its predecessor. The frame is square-shaped with its battery expected to perform similarly as well. Apple might have wanted to change this but with its new added features such as the built-in GPS, the iWatch 2 review draws its conclusion pretty easily.

Alluringly easy on your eyes

After the unveiling of the Watch OS3 earlier, the smartwatch’s single button and digital crown are now useful tools you get to use. Since the first Apple Watch, the design’s attractiveness was a major selling point, giving a reason as to why Apple chose to stick with it in their new watch. The button and crown are easy to hit apart from being clear and smooth, much to the liking of this iWatch 2 review.

The new designs are more visible in the iWatch 2 bands which offer you a multitude of contrasting looks to choose from; of all of them, the ceramic design is the most expensive. Others include aluminium, stainless steel and leather options.


The Screen

The screen sizes on offer will be 42mm and 38mm sizes; similar to its predecessor. Though Apple has been a bit secretive, the screen will be the brightest they have on any of their devices. With its flexible OLED, the level of sharpness is high under the X glass or the sapphire. All the notifications and parameters will thus be clearer and more vivid. Even when out under glaring sunlight, you view everything spectacularly without straining.

The iWatch 2 brings back the Force Touch feature; by pressing on the display harder, you will get instant access to other watch features such as changing your settings. While at it, Apple allows you to accomplish much more through swiping. On the downside, the iWatch 2 review shows that it has no always on’ feature, meaning you have to raise your wrist every time you want to check the time.

Tracking your fitness

With the onboard GPS, you can now comfortably leave your iPhone behind as you set out on your daily tasks. This also enables you to have more control of your fitness routines through your iPhone. Being a waterproof smartwatch, the iWatch 2 is a strong contender, jostling for top positions alongside Polar and Garmin models; it is much more of a sports watch now.

Whether you like swimming in open water or the pool, you can now track your laps and much more, all while receiving constant notifications. The watch is able to calculate the dimensions of your pool as well as learn the length of your stroke; the vitality of this for swimming competitors is invaluable in the iWatch 2 review.

Though these are amazing features, after you review iWatch 2, you’ll realise it offers you no room to input any of these settings information which is a drawback. This is assuming the watch’s results are wrong. As a training tool, it’s not all roses. The Nike+ edition shows you your heart rate, distance, time and BPM; inarguably, it has the fanciest app yet.

The battery

The Watch OS 3, put together with the built-in GPS and a host of other features makes the iWatch 2’s battery a contentious issue. The new smartwatch operating systems allow for the docking of applications in the background, draining your juice pretty quickly.

The drop in battery capacity will, however, be minimal all thanks to the platform’s efficiency. It has also been slightly extended, explaining the watch’s thickness. You can expect the battery to last for a maximum of 4 days even on moderate use, far lower than other brands such as Pebble. As per Apple’s announcement, the iWatch 2 can last an entire day with the GPS on; with the smartwatch features being on the whole time, this may not be the case.

Final word

In weighing out your options on whether it is a worthwhile investment, its fitness credentials are alluring, to say the least. It still begs the questions, are the added changes enough to serve your needs? With the turbulence currently being experienced in the smartwatch market, this iWatch 2 review hopes to guide you and avail to you all the important information. If it follows in its predecessor’s steps, it will be the best-selling smartwatch by a huge margin. Tell us what you think of it in our comment section of the iWatch 2 more on the watchOS features.


By Karim Gabrony, Head Products Manager.

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