Jabra Elite Sport,Smart wireless earbuds!

Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds.

IFA is off to wearable sound technology and the product ushering this venture is none other but the Jabra Elite Sport. The currently available manufacturing details have it that Jabra Elite Sport has a pair of wireless earbuds. Wireless earbuds design aspect makes Jabra Elite Sport to fall in the same category with the likes of Samsung

the wireless earbuds design aspect makes Jabra Elite Sport to fall in the same category with the likes of Samsung Gear Iconx and Bragi Dash. The greatest noticeable feature in this gear is its waterproof ability. It can still optimally function for 30 straight minutes when submerged under water, and the waterproof feature means there is no limit to the training conditions Jabra Elite Sport gear is put.


Features of Jabra Elite Sport

The wireless earbuds has four microphones, and this allows for easy switching between music and calls while engaging in exercise. The earbuds can accurately analyse any incoming sound signals and provide appropriate switching. Switching is ideal especially under conditions a person may be interested in listening to music while at the same time very keen to get any training instructions involved. Jabra Elite Sport battery can last up to 3 hours when the music and call features are on. The battery life is standard enough given that many training exercises are usually within 1-3 hours range.

How does it compare in general?

Jabra Elite Sport has a sensor for checking heart rates, and this means that the device can form a suitable companion when used for health fitness purposes. Fitness analysis programs put Jabra Elite Sport accuracy at 90% and this is a good thing given that any data collected during training sessions needs to be realistic. Some of the data that can be collected from Jabra Elite Sport include pace, route, distance covered and calories burnt.

Besides, it is possible for third-party data to be fed into the wireless earbuds and this is big news especially when fitness comparison needs to be done. In the purchase box, buyers find ear wings, ear gels, and foam which is used for noise cancellation, and all these ensures that Jabra Elite Sport users stay safe while using this amazing gadget. The device currently retails a $249.99 and this is great given the many features and benefits that accompany its use.


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  1. Jabra is the man

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  4. These earbuds are very nice and handy. great product !!

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