Kendall Jenner &’s Wireless Headphones.

Kendall Jenner’s and’s Wireless Headphones Coming To Apple Store.

Competition in the wireless headphone market has never been this intense. This hasn’t stopped the world acclaimed artist turned technopreneur,, from launching his own set of wireless headsets together with the reality star, Kendall Jenner. Fashion is a centrepiece of this new product called Buttons.


The outside of the wireless headphones features a quarter-sized circle disc, symbolically representing the classic vinyl disc records. This is, straightforwardly, in reference to’s music pedigree. Naomi Campbell, a celebrated model, is also a major shareholder in this undertaking; this is a wise move as the two models attract a huge clout of fans who’ll all want to have a piece of the action.

A product for style conscious consumers sees them as not only wireless headphones but also as accessories which should never lie idle in your pocket, even when not in use. Buttons are designed to complement your wallet, watch and attire at every turn. Liaising with present-day fashion icons highlights all this.

What sells most about Buttons?

Unlike other wireless headphones in the market today, Buttons has quite an extensive battery life of between 6 to 8 hours when being used consistently; that roughly translates into an entire day of music. For an average user, a single charge may last up to two days; you just have to plug them into a power source before going to bed.

Buttons wireless headphones packaging

The headphone have been designed to snugly fit into your ears through a set of three different-sized in-ear covers. The box also contains six earbud covers, allowing the user the luxury to choose what’s most comfortable for them. This practice should be replicated by other headphone manufacturers to give consumers then exact snug they need to enjoy their music.


Unlike other headphones which use large plastic or rubber hooks which wrap around the ear for comfort when being used, Buttons apply subtleness by having a rubber piece along with your outer ear; this holds the earpiece comfortably in place. Though it is a different ear cover to get used to, you will get accustomed to it pretty soon. You might find it better than hooks!


The wireless headphones key features

The circular plates around the framing are not entirely for decorative purposes; they are magnetised and attract each other when placed in close proximity. They easily come together and form a necklace, meaning you never have to stuff the earphones in your pocket and spend endless hours untangling them. This wearable technology easily meets fashion in this way.

Why fashion companies have a hard time integrating technology is vocal about the need to fuse fashion with technology. He, however, notes that fashion companies aren’t the ones developing tech, making a middle-ground hard to reach. In a few years, fashion items may be coming totally outfitted with all the wearable technology one needs; rather than having a myriad of wearables, they could all be snugly fit into a fashion item.

Buttons wireless headphones have incredibly good sound, coming eerily close to matching wired headphones. When placed alongside the best in their category, Buttons wireless headphones is a force to reckon with. This awesome piece of technology will be launched in Apple store on November 2nd, setting consumers back $229.95. Have you ordered yours yet?


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