Enhance Safety With Lumo LED Lights Cycling Gear.

Lumo LED

When you’re out riding at night, safety is of utmost concern; the Lumo led lights not only give you this but also bring in a sense of style. Equipped with the latest cycling apparel, these LED lights can be attached to your messenger’s bag, bomber jacket and vest and anywhere else you’re comfortable with.

Completely concealed

From 400m away, you are visible to traffic when the LED lights are on. All the wiring and lights re-sewn into each of the above (and more) apparels hiding them from direct view; you get to comfortably wear these apparels even when not necessarily using their LED function. When switched one, it becomes a fashion accessory!

Waterproof LED lights

The Lumo creations are not only bright at night but also waterproof; if it happens to be drizzling, worry not! When washing your laundry, toss the apparels right in. all this is powered by a removable battery that’s hidden in an inside pocket.

Apparel choices for you

When it started off, Lumo first released the Camden Polo, Regents Parka and the Harrington jacket. The company has since diversified its offering to include the Holloway Gilet and Clissold Bomber jacket. The Gilet is a stylish sleeveless jacket while the Clissold is a complete outfitted jacket.

The company has also previously announced that it will be releasing its Brixton Messenger bag with an impressive 28 LED lights. 14 of the lights (white) will be built into the bag’s shoulder strap while the rest will (blue) will be on its front panel.

Lumo is a successful Kickstarter

To get the Holloway Gilet as per its listing on Kickstarter, you only have to part with $130 (about AU$175, £99). The Bomber jacket, Clissold, will retail at $170 (about AU$220, £125). The price matches that of the yet-to-be-released Brixton Messenger Bag.

With more and more electric bikes coming out each day, Lumo has timed the release of these LED clothing just in time before they boom. Safety is guaranteed but fashion doesn’t take a back seat; it is an eccentric fusion of both. Get you Lumo LED clothing today.

More updates on the Brixton Bag Messenger will be coming to you soon!


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  1. as a London cyclist i came to appreciate gadgets like these for safety reasons, better safe than sorry

  2. better safe than sorry

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