How to achieve new years resolution using your activity tracker

Track your 2017 Activity Resolutions All Year Round


Waking up on a dark and cold January morning after a couple of weeks of traditional holiday overeating can be hard and depressing. Don’t let it get you down, though, as taking steps to a healthier lifestyle is easier than you might think.

By buying a fitness tracker to help you keep active, your resolutions for 2017 will surely not be forgotten by February. There is no better motivation to get yourself into better shape than becoming active, accompanied by a wonderful and personalised gadget wrapped around your wrist.


Whether you buy a tracker to start exercising seriously or just want to monitor your daily activities, you will see its benefits straight away.

Not only do you have complete control of your sports regime and/or diet, you don’t depend on gym schedules and you save money by programming your activity tracker according to your lifestyle.

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There is very little work in using a fitness tracker, you just setup the app and gadget and you’re ready to turn your 2017 New Year’s resolution into a fun and healthy challenge!

Choose an activity tracker best fitted for your needs

In order to get the most of your equipment, it’s important to analyse your needs and habits. There are three main categories to look into while purchasing a personal tracker – fitness tracker, running tracker or a smartwatch. While there are a number of functions all of them offer, each choice carries certain extra benefits.

Keep in mind that, even though smartwatches are basically a smartphone extension, they offer a large variety of added functions such as messaging and calls with fewer sports functions.

Fitness and running activity trackers, on the other hand, are specialised gadgets, usually in the form of watches, with a wide array of functions specifically designed for sports, such as a pedometer, physical activity and stress recognition, heart rate monitor and a calorie tracker.

How to achieve new years resolution using your activity tracker

Being a virtual detailed log of all your daily activities makes them a perfect present for yourself in 2017. Also, think of your personal style – if you dress professionally, try a minimalist design tracker like Misfit that won’t clash with your daily outfit – that way you won’t be tempted to take it off for important meetings.

Even better, there are specially designed activity trackers for women that look like beautiful jewellery such as BellaBeat. You can choose between Urban and Leaf design and wear it as a necklace, brooch or a bracelet, each one being an amazing statement piece of jewellery hiding its digital secret inside.

Don’t forget to configure, update and recharge

As we already know, technology and software advancements are a dynamic industry. If you invest in a high-quality tracker like Garmin, Fitbit or Misfit, make sure you use its full potential by always updating the firmware. You can usually check the current version in the settings area of the app the tracker is connected to.

Once you buy your desired tracker, introduce yourself. Configuration is the key – tell your tracker your current height, weight and habits along with an input of your goals for 2017. At the end of the year, let your trusted companion give you a detailed report of your progress.

How to achieve new years resolution using your activity tracker

Remember to check the optimal settings and wear your activity tracker accordingly – not too tight, yet close enough for it to get a good quality reading. One of the best thing about having a personal fitness tracker is their easy maintenance. Most of them have an extremely good battery life, usually in the range from 6 months to one year. Once configured, just put it on every morning and you are ready to go (or run).

Extremely practical, beautifully designed and available in a number of different brands and prices, an activity tracker truly is a must have a digital companion for anyone hoping to achieve their health and diet goals in 2017.

Keep your New Year’s resolutions alive by setting realistic goals (if you are a beginner, start with 10 000 steps each day and increase the daily goal bit by bit as you get in shape) or add a bit of friendly competition to your sports equation and keep motivated by including friends or signing up for an online achievement list available in most of the apps.

And remember, willpower is everything. Even though your activity tracker cannot make the weight magically disappear, it will soon become invaluable for your new healthy lifestyle by reminding and motivating you to be more active each day.

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