All about the Mission, Nixon’s Premier Android Wear

Nixon’s Premier Android Wear

Initially unveiled at Baselworld, this rugged looking smart watch is super-water resistant; it doesn’t matter the depth you go into, it handles the pressure pretty smoothly. Add a built-in GPS and you’ve got a smartwatch that allows you to be as adventurous as you want to be while setting yourself apart from the crowd!

Mission offers you durability

This smart watch cannot be likened to Casio’s Android wear; rather than being slim and more of an accessory, the Nixon Mission is cased with a Gorilla Glass, adding an extra durability layer. Its 48mm polycarbonate case feels rigid on your wrist and reminds you what you’re wearing.

Nixon’s screen

Apart from being fully coloured, its AMOLED screen is a neat full circle, giving you the feel of a classic watch. To protect it from any perceivable harm as well give it a rugged finish, the touchscreen features a stainless steel bezel all around it. You won’t get to see any flat black tyre appearing at its bottom either.

Its shock and dust proof abilities are military grades; even if you go up to 100m deep, it still functions impeccably. With over 15 bezel and 20 silicon strap models to choose from, you’re simply spoilt for choice with the Mission smartwatch.

Nixon The Mission sensors

With its GPS, this smart watch allows you to use it alongside your favourite fitness tracker and go skiing, surfing, running and even swimming while collecting all the required data. The smart watch grants you the use of its thermometer, barometer, altimeter, gyro meter, humidity, compass and accelerometer sensors enabling you to monitor all form of terrain and parameters.

Nixon’s battery life

Nixon The Mission smart watch guarantees you of 24 hours of battery life on a single charge. With the current Android Wear watches, this is pretty impressive though it is yet to factor in the built-in GPS.

Get access to Google platform

Through the Mission, you will be granted access to Google Store from where you can download as many apps as suits your needs. Nixon is also on course to putting together their own apps for use in this smartwatch. The watch is powered by the powerful Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor, meaning unparalleled performance for you.

Extra features and release date

Its nifty mic means you never have to take out your smartphone whenever you have Nixon The Mission strapped to your wrist. To keep is splashproof, Nixon teamed up with Goretex in creating a membrane that’s water resistant; this provides protection to the built-in mic.

As of October 10th, this highly anticipated smart watch will star shipping at a cost of $400; this is $100 less than the Casio with almost double the number of impressive features. Will you be getting this smartwatch?


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