Pebble smartwatch dead as the company is set to shut down


Pebble is shutting down!

Pebble is set to close down its operations, and this news comes after it was announced that Fitbit, a smart device manufacturer, announced that it had acquired Pebble’s software, technology, and other intellectual property rights. The move will affect anyone who owns any product from Pebble, and also bring a significant change in the smart devices market.

the statement

Numerous reports had it that Pebble was set to close down its manufacturing and marketing operations and the company’s official announcement brought an end to all the speculations. According to the official statement, “the company will no longer be involved in manufacturing, promoting or marketing of any devices.”Now, the attention is on the future of the Pebble smartwatch as there is a likelihood that the device will stop working once the company’s shut down procedure is done. Anybody who bought the device will obviously be affected in one way or the other.

Pebble smartwatch future

Currently, no orders are being accepted or fulfilled by Pebble, and that may signal the consumers to forget about Pebble’s line of products. Besides, the warranty option for Pebble’s devices is no longer available. That means that if your Pebble smartwatch is under warranty, then it is better to consider the warranty terms to be null and void.There is no certainty whether the devices will continue to be operational or not as the company’s official statement has some saga in it. “The devices will continue to work as required; there are no immediate changes to the device’s user experience. However, Pebble’s devices service quality or functionality may be reduced in the future (sic)”.

what to expect

The first part of the statement can be ignored as it is rendered obsolete by the second part. For now, it is better for consumers to assume that Pebble smartwatch is dead. Perhaps there can be some relief if other alternative gadgets are considered instead of continuing the debate on the future of Pebble smartwatch.

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  1. Pebble is a customization watch that conveniently and subtly delivers the information that you want directly to your wrist.

  2. Pebble is a good and nice set watch well customize it is to close down its operations, its a nice and good digital watched which you can use for any occasion I have aquired one and its stand.

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