Polar M600, The Ultimate Android Wear fitness tracker!

Polar M600, The Ultimate fitness tracking machine?

For most fitness tracker and sports smartwatches in the market today, fashion sense is accorded a high pedestal at the expense of functionality; this is not the case with Polar M600 fitness tracker. Since their entry into the activity tracking realm back in 2007, Polar has not only amassed a huge following but has pioneered activity tracking with exceptional functionality.

Polar M600 is worth every buck!

Being Polar’s premier Android wearable, this rare smartwatch optimises on both its sporty aspect as well as unmatched fitness tracking. Having included Android Wear in the M600, this means that you get unlimited access to multiple features commonly found on all other wear watches. In addition, however, you get exclusive access to;

  • Its unique fitness app
  • Waterproof feature with IPX8 certification
  • Ruggedized silicon band (perfect for all your outdoorsy types!)

The Build and Design

Are you familiar with the A360 and V800 Polar fitness trackers? If so, you will note a lot of semblances they share with M600 fitness tracker from afar. If you take a closer look, however, you’ll notice that the former two are no match for this latest brand from Polar in terms of build and design.

Its 1.3-inch colour touch display offers outstanding clarity and realism, unlike the V800’s monochrome screen. Though its band is a bit chunky-looking, it fits around your wrist without the slightest fuss.

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Modular’ body

The sports fitness tracker easily attaches and detaches from the straps, giving you options on whether to use the available black or white straps. Polar is set to release a red strap soon, with many other colours expected to follow.

The Android wear and Screen

Though colour touchscreens aren’t new to Polar, the M600 sports watch not only gives you access to Polar interface but also avails to you a myriad of apps from Google Play, streams in notifications as well as calendar notifications and enables you to customise your watch faces. You also have the power to not only read but reply to texts from your Android phone and most importantly, social media notifications!


Ever had the chance to use Android Wear voice control feature? The Polar M600 fitness tracker lets you do this through its microphone (located on its left side). All you have to say is okay Google’ to get various tasks done!

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M600’s Fitness and Activity Features

For fitness enthusiasts, you’ll love what this sports watch has to offer. Rather than rely on Google Fit or the whole shebang of fitness app hosts, Polar app is dedicated to synchronising Polar Flow as well as its wide range of training programs. For effortless access to Polar’s fitness section, simply press the dedicated front button and you’re there!

Other than just have a plain optical heart rate monitor, polar has included an in-house algorithm design; this is essentially a more dedicated LED solution to heart rate monitoring that reduces noise and allows for the reception of better signals and consequently more accurate heart-rate readings.

Activity tracking

Since there lacks auto-detection when tracking your daily activities, you’ll be required to manually start the tracking of any of your daily activities such as biking or running for you to access the data. This is an advantage since precision is achieved pretty easily unlike the case with auto-detection which may at times be off.

Polar M600 review polar m800 review polar m400 battery life polar pulsklokke polar klokke polar m400 swimming pulsklokke polar polar polar activity tracker  m400 app

The Battery

Powered by a 500mAh battery pack, the M600 lasts for 48 hours on a single charge; it belongs to the two-day battery life grouping. Unlike the norm with most Android Ware, Polar M600’s compatibility extends to both Android and iOS devices; for the latter, however, you get limited access to most of the apps simply because they’re from Google Play and not Apple Store.

In Conclusion

If you’re into precisely tracking your daily routines such as swimming, cycling, sleep and running (in extension to day to day Android Ware), this sports watch is all you need as it does this tracking impeccably well. Though it might not appeal to fashion savvy sports people, its functionality as a sports watch remains unmatched in the current market spectrum.

It is definitely more affordable when compared to the V800 as well as the a360 models from Polar, endearing it to many. With an onboard GPS and access to GLONASS, clearly, nothing was left to chance when putting it together. Have you ordered yours yet? Time and tide, and now Polar M600, wait for no man! This is your chance, take it.


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  1. Polar M600 looks very nice. It has very poewful battery.

  2. The watch looks very nice. It has very poewful battery. I want to buy a watch.

  3. It’s really nice. You can control lots of things with Android Wear watches. From locks, to blinds, to remote control cars. So you sure can control lots of Bluetooth devices. Not to mention WiFi devices as well. If the Android Wear watch has WiFi as well. Actually they all have WiFi nowadays.

  4. I think,it looks gorgeous and have lots of beautiful features in it.I also think that beside fitness tracking Polar M600 is fashionable too.

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    I love the device. For keeping fitness everybody should manage one of the device for themselves. I think all of you will love it after using. Thanks.

  6. Very nice and amazing gadget to keep the track of health. and easy to use. very nice and good looking.

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    This is a great device. For everyone that cares for their health and likes exercise, this is the device for you.

  8. It’s so beautiful. It has very powerful battery.

  9. such a nice watch good for exercise and also formal wear nice design need more like this good.

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