The Ridiculously Fun Snapchat Glasses!

Snapchat Glasses are here!

Earlier on this year, Snapchat glasses were announced, dubbed Snapchat Spectacles. This bold move by Snap has paid off handsomely, despite there being hurdles in design and operability; more expensive wearables such as Google Glass performed terribly, casting a dark shadow on the niche. Limited pairs of Snapchat glasses went on sale yesterday, near Snap’s original headquarters, giving adoring fans a chance to sample them. As the company’s first attempt in dealing in hardware, the product is spectacular and already attracting a lot of attention.

Snapchat glasses are fun and whimsical

Right from the packaging, Spectacles portrays a relaxed yet adventurous image. It’s clear tube-like casing, approximately three tennis balls in size, houses the Snapchat glasses, a cleaning cloth (in the shape of the Snapchat ghost) and a USB cable. You get to choose from coral, teal and black colours. They’re all plastic with two cameras on the sides for capturing real-time videos effortlessly. Their slimness makes them feel almost weightless when worn and in action. The camera is surrounded by LED lights which light up when you’re actively recording.


Being video capturing glasses, Snapchat glasses feature multiple electronics, all conveniently hidden from sight. Most of the electronics are tucked away in Spectacles’ temples. Whether you use Android or iOS devices, these glasses work across platforms to deliver high-quality video captured at the most amazing moments.

To get it working, you’re only required to look at scannable Snapchat ghost icon located in the app with your Spectacles; after pressing the top left, single button, everything else works out automatically.

Record at the press of a button

On pressing the only button on the glasses, 10-second video is recorded. You can record up to 30 seconds of footage continuously before pausing. The short snaps are then stitched together in the companion app, playing a smooth continuous clip. The host of tiny LED lights whirl around while recording, making Snapchat glasses appear less intimidating and more playful. Once the snaps are on your smartphone, uploading them on Snapchat is straightforward. Connection to share on social media platforms is facilitated by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; the later will require you setting up a hotspot in your smartphone. The Snapchat glasses allow you to react spontaneously.

Spectacles camera

By modern standards, the camera on these glasses can’t match with premium smartphone camera resolution, light and clarity. The wearables haven’t been designed to capture long footage like GoPro but rather short episodes that are favourites in social media. The footage created does not feature carefully crafted images but the 115 degrees wide coverage resulting in captivating circular-video formats. Snapchat glasses can be likened to mini-augmented reality rigs.

The video footage is fully compatible with other Snapchat elements including texting and drawing, making it all the more relevant.

The future of Snapchat glasses

The longevity and relevance of these wearables depend on how Snapchat users will interact and respond to them. Retailing at only $129.95, they could soon be a household name and item. The need to capture life’s best moments grows by the day owing to ingenious technological inventions like Snapchat glasses. For now, though, the company will produce a limited number of Spectacles and hold off until the interest grows.

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