Samsung Gear 360 Camera review.Action made easy!

Samsung Gear 360 Action Camera.

The 360 videos are definitely 2016’s viral, and Samsung is one of the first companies to bring up a standalone product that provides 360 videos with a number of different features. could it be used as a GoPro alternative?

This is our full review of the Samsung Gear 360 camera in Las Vegas, so let’s see how its acts like.



The first thing we will talk about with the Gear camera 360 is its shape ,the spherical shape is actually really smooth and very high quality to the touch so definitely has a somewhat futuristic Look to it.

on either end are large fisheye lenses that will be used to stitch together ultimately the 360 video that you create, but there are some controls on the left side if you’re looking at it straight dead on and then on the top there is a recording button along with a small screen to show you exactly where you are and how long you’ve been recording.

on the right side there a cover that allows the camera 360 to be splash and dust resistance.when you open that up you will find the micro USB charging and SD card slot for up to 200Gb of storage and then a removable battery at 1350 milliamp hours.


the camera 360 battery is pretty decent on here we haven’t had any problems with the gear 360 dying on us before the end of a shooting day but I will say that you should have a battery pack available or even a replaceable battery if we’re going to be doing very long recordings especially when using both of the lenses .


speaking of those lenses they are dual 15 megapixel sensor as that come in at F 2.0 aperture and are both fisheye, meaning you get full 180 degrees inside of your photo or video if using both of them at the same time then of course that will put together a full 360 content but from there they are little lights on those lenses or just outside of them rather than show you which ones are being used whether it’s both or just one of them.

The built

Probably the first thing I really like about this 360 camera is the actual really solidly built, it has a really good premium feel to it ,and all the buttons are just nice and neatly, and audio notifications are really helpful in knowing what you are getting around in the different menu settings with that nice screen on top.

that cute little tripod that the Gear 360 camera comes with can be screwed off revealing a tripod mount if you need to mount the Gear 360 , it pretty mounts on any other standard tripod.



The main disadvantage of the gear camera 360 software experience is that it requires a Samsung Galaxy Device whether it’s a recent note or Galaxy S device that is what you’re going to have to use because of the software even though it’s available in the Play Store is not compatible with most other Android devices.

pretty much anyone that I tried were not able to work with the gear 360 that said, however, the camera app itself is pretty much what you would expect if you are familiar with Samsung camera application provides you with a lot of control including the ability to turn HDR on or off , change the exposure in manual mode or change the different modes.



there are other modes on the Gear 360 camera aside from video and photo which include time lapse looping video board which will take a certain amount of the user defined video and then when it is done taking let’s say that 30 seconds of video it will actually discard that video unless you stop it from doing so, it’s a way of keeping space on the SD card so you can make sure that you only get the part that you want and not have to record let’s say ten full minutes of something when you only really need a minute of it.

Action Camera…


But the best part about the Gear 360 camera is that can be used alone for the most part ,while you won’t be able to change HDR or the exposure if you use the camera on its on, the controls on the left and the record button on the top can be used in conjunction just like a GoPro in order to go through the different modes or to exchange a few different settings.

The main setting that ends up being used here at least in my experience was changing whether or not you’re using both lenses for a 360 video or photo or just using one of .


Video Quality…


The Gear 360 can do a bunch of different resolutions including 4K and 2K and one of the best parts about it is you have two 180 degree video cameras on both sides of this little sphere and you could use either one of them for a full 180-degree video like a goPro so that means you can have very viable tools for things like sports or just have a very good 180-degrees video  to get a lot of your subject.


And that’s the thing about the gear 360, you actually get 2 very high-quality fisheye lens sensors on either end of the sphere, both of which produces really nice looking photos and very good-looking video especially in the better lit situations that you wouldn’t usually use an action camera like the goPro, I actually ended up using one of the lenses more often than using both now that’s not necessarily to say that 360 video is not something I’m into I’m very much into it.

it’s just that when you use the 360 as a standalone vlogging camera, for example, it does a wonderful job and as a standalone high-quality product to you are able to get some great videos without much fuss at all.

User Experience…


Let’s say you do use the gear 360 primarily for 360 photos and videos if you have a Samsung Galaxy Device transferring the video and photos from the 360 to the device is pretty easy you just have to select it and it will copy to  the phone and Stitch it together using the software in the phone.

but if you bring it to a PC ,the gear 360 comes with a license key for gear 360 ActionDirector powered by CyberLink and what will happen if you take these photos and videos when you put them into ActionDirector project and it will begin the stitching process for you.

you might notice that there is a stitching problem here especially when you have two slightly different exposures on both of these lenses and it will show very plainly in these videos.and the other thing too is the gear 360 does not put some very good videos but it may not seem like that when you look at the full 360 video.

the reason why is that a 4K video. even though it’s a 4K it’s being put into a viewer that then zooms far into that frame so that you get the illusion of a 360 / VR experience, a zooming far into even a 4K frame will make the qualities seem much lower than it had then it usually is and that’s something that a lot of people kind of need to realise about 360 videos by now.

Samsung Gear 360 review


these particular devices like the Gear 360 and the LG cam 360 are the ones that will provide this kind of look other ones that use like say 8 to 10 different GoPros to stitch together a super high-quality video is a whole different story.



Overall the Samsung Gear 360 might be one of the best ways of getting into 360 videos right now, at $349 it’s a bit more expensive than the LG 360 cam but it is also far less than buying few GoPros to match the same outcome.

as a standalone product it does a wonderful job of providing that entry points 360 / virtual reality video but the thing that I love the most about it is that you can use it as an action camera such as a GoPro by only using one side of those two cameras.and if you do that you have a wonderful vlogging rig that is not necessarily pocketable but is small enough to throw into a bag or a backpack and you have it with you wherever you end up going.

and if you do that you have a wonderful vlogging rig that is not necessarily pocketable but is small enough to throw into a bag or a backpack and you have it with you wherever you end up going.


Personally I wish that you would be able to get two different video files if you use both of the lenses at the same time we should make this one of the most powerful vlogging rigs that are out there , but until then what we have here is a wonderful tool GoPro like setup that puts together 360 videos if you want to have some fun with what might be the future of our video content.


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