Samsung Note 7 No Longer Supported By Oculus Gear VR.

Note 7 is no longer supported by Gear VR

Samsung has openly advised people to desist from using the Samsung Note 7 as it has experienced more than its fair share of problems. Following this, Oculus Gear VR headset is also withdrawing its support for this phablet.

Rift developers are also responsible for powering Samsung’s VR hardware’s software, elaborating why Samsung Note 7 can no longer be compatible with Oculus Gear; the app allowing this has been promptly disabled.

The message users will now get

Paraphrasing the actual message that will now display when a user tries to pair these two together, Oculus declares its customer safety as a priority. The message goes further to state that Oculus has removed earlier support for the entire Note 7 devices running on its platform. Until further clarification, Samsung Note 7 and other devices will be incompatible with Gear VR. Users are then asked to directly contact Samsung for further clarifications.

From the Oculus website

This Facebook-owned entity has a similar message regarding the withdrawal of Note 7 support, and all other Note 7 devices, with customer safety being the prime cause. Concerned customers are then directed to the Samsung website from where their queries will be answered to their utmost satisfaction.

The headset might catch on fire!

This is the best move from all angles as the Gear VR headset has already been catching fire; the problem arises from the smartphone’s battery. It may cause grievous harm and attract class-action lawsuits if left unchecked!

The production of Samsung Note 7 has already been halted by the Korean technology giant with current owner being advised to desist from powering up their devices. There are other options, however, if you wish to continue using Samsung with your Oculus Gear VR headset; Galaxy S7, as well as S7 Edge, are viable options, though not the most ideal in terms of VR experience. But hey! The Daydream VR headset by Google is a perfect alternative. Be safe and heed to the new guidelines.

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  1. Breaks my heart what just happened with Samsung Note 7

  2. i think all this propaganda is caused by Samsung competitors to kill the competition @Kevin2Global

  3. It’s like a thunderstorm! Thanks for sharing this safety information.

  4. Thanks for customer concern. Its a great disaster for Samsung .

    1. It is, surely Samsung would be able to recover and carry on

  5. I believe that again we can use samsung note7

    1. Hi Saidir, thanks for your comment, sad news is Samsung Note 7 is already discontinued.

  6. How terrible that samsung 7 does not support oculus gear vr

  7. Great instrument for safety

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