A Smart Sleeve to Help You Avoid Injury.

Smart Sleeve Prevents Injury

For baseball beginners, it is pretty easy to sprain your arms and do considerable damage; this wearable technology companies have for a while been trying to come up with a smart arm sleeve to warn users when they’re about to injure themselves. Seems they have been beaten to it by a pair of students from Rice University who’ve designed Ziel M2 prototype.

By measuring the stress and tension on a pitcher’s forearms, the user is notified whether they are risking injuring themselves or not.

Multiple sensors

Real time information is collected by sensors and sent the corresponding application on your smart device. While it is seen widely as a baseball player’s wearable, its usability extends to other sports such as running; basically, any activity that inflicts self-injury.

Alarming statistics show that one in every 4 baseball players has had to undergo surgery due to injury. All these surgeries are on the arm and result from straining too much. All this is now about to change as Ziel M2 picks the attention of the sleeve wearable technology companies.

It takes a different approach

Rather than just throw figures at you and leave it at that, this wearable technology company Ziel solutions. is intent on giving you actual information that you can act on immediately. It is a revolutionary way of preventing injuries before they happen. The longer you train with it, the more you get acquainted with your new pitching pattern.

An optional coaching subscription

For $10 a month, you get access to the device’s coach who actively guides you throughout your workouts. When officially released for sales, Engadget predicts that the wearable will be retailing at approximately $250.

There’s a lot of time for the pair to work on this daring project as it is not expected any earlier than December 2018; within this time, a lot of changes will occur and hopefully, even more features. You are free to visit the Ziel website and know more about it.

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  1. Excellent concept, will have to wait for reviews

  2. Amazing website..so far it’s my wearables reference

  3. theory is achievable, would the application work, that’s my question

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