Experience the New Age of VR with VOID Hyper-reality

Experience the VOID Hyper-reality

When we entered the 21st century, the digital world around us got bigger, faster and started to offer implications we couldn’t even imagine a couple of decades earlier.Our reality became digitised, with an endless wave of available information at our fingertips and general knowledge multiplying with every step (click) we make.

Ten years later, virtual reality concept started to develop, offering a glimpse of a potential new world inside our old one.Today, that world doesn’t only exist, but the vision of virtual reality became the Vision of Infinite Dimensions and entered the real world on a whole new level – not just virtual reality, but hyper-reality.

What is VOID?

Without even getting enough time to be impressed by using VR in our living rooms, the VOID company founded by CEO Ken Bretschneider and a visual effects artist and former magician Curtis Hickman, brings us the Vision of Infinite Dimensions – a real-world virtual reality concept that pushes the limits of hardware and software to create a hyper-reality.

VOID Hyper-reality virtual reality real world

As VR creates a new world for us to experience, the VOID asks the question – is seeing and hearing really experiencing? What if you could literally feel the virtual world? Imagine feeling the blow from your enemy, getting a whiff of the battlefield and touching everything that surrounds you instead of waving your hands through the empty air.

The hyper-reality of VOID turned their imagination into reality by creating layers of digital worlds and bringing us the possibility to feel textures, temperatures, motion and even smells and moisture in the ultimate, over the top real-time interaction.

Experience the real world of VR with VOID

By combining virtual reality with the physical one, VOID is currently creating a fantasy world called the Virtual Entertainment Center, set to open in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

With beta tests already running, this groundbreaking theme park will offer their visitors an interactive environment with an illusion of an endless world to explore by moving and sensing in the physical world and experiencing in the virtual one. Instead of limiting themselves to the boundaries of the VR, the Vision of Infinite Dimension uses the real world space and enhances it with the virtual reality, bringing the visitor into what they call a hyper-reality.

Armed with a virtual reality headset, a high-grade gaming computer vest equipped with multiple sensors, along with all the weapons and tools they can handle, visitors will be immersed into an ultra-responsive digital world while moving through the physical one.

To give us a small, yet very powerful preview of what is to come in the Virtual Entertainment Center, the hyper-reality experience is already available to visit at the Madame Tussauds, New York.

Inspired by the 2016 Ghostbusters comeback, a paranormal encounter is brought to life by making you a Ghostbuster who has to battle his way out of a ghost-infested apartment complex, all the while feeling, smelling and touching the hyper-reality.

With the future approaching fast, the VOID hyper-reality experience turns the everyday VR concept into reality by combining the real world implications with virtual reality enhancement, leaving us with only one question – what is real and what isn’t?

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  1. will this be coming to London UK soon? , definitely going to check it out then!

  2. Amazing article. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. That’s frigging great! I mean a technology like that can burst mind. Awesome following this blog! \m/

  4. Can it be shipped into Bangladesh?

  5. Nice information and it enriched my knowledge in technologies field.

    1. Nice information and it enriched my knowledge in technologies field.

  6. Absolutely fascinating. You have the potential to create something so much more exciting than VR Xbox games. Put this in the hands of a real artist and it may change our relationship with art. The impact looks so immediate. How will an artist express ideas when the medium is so immersive, so little room for objectivity. This is going to be very interesting.

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  8. VR – Virtual Reality is the new future. Basically gives power to feel the future.

  9. Nice article.Thanks for sharing it . This is going to be very interesting..

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  11. That’s frigging great! I mean a technology like that can burst mind. Awesome following this blog! \m/

    Amazing article. Thanks for sharing it.

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