VR Therapy Is The Next Big Thing In Curing Flying Anxiety.

Flying Anxiety helped by Virtual Reality

Specialised VR experiences are doing an impeccable job of helping people alleviate their fears; be they spiders, heights or flying, virtual reality is a sure way to get you accustomed to and finally ward off that which you fear most. However, it is essential to have a professional administer the VR therapy rather than doing it yourself to cure anxiety,social anxiety.

VR therapy technology should be used only when needed

Whereas standalone solutions may help you mildly help you alleviate your anxiety,social anxiety should as much as possible be likened to virtual reality if you are after a more permanent solution. The age-old and proven way of warding off your fears is facing them boldly; the VR therapy does exactly that literally speaking. Combine that with the guiding counsel of a seasoned therapist and you’ll achieve your goals sooner than expected.

The therapy targets your brain’s subconscious part

Though this part of your brain generally doesn’t rationalise, scientists believe that it is possible to manipulate it. All forms of anxiety,social anxiety emanate from here. VR therapy helps in training this part of your brain to invoke real-life environments that cause you jitters; eventually, you’ll realise it’s never as serious as it seems.

Being unconscious, it’s impossible for the section of the brain to decipher whether the real-life environment is real or fabricated; that’s where the therapist comes into play!

The choice of a VR headset does not really matter

Just like we don’t have to choose a specific hospital, assuming all have the same qualities, to get better, you can use any VR headset in the therapy session. Of importance, though, a number of biometric sensors have to be attached to your fingertips to enable the therapist easily detect changes in your anxiety,social anxiety levels.

Your actual fears, for instance, flying, don’t have to be photorealistic in order to be piqued. The R headset achieves this pretty easily.

Flight or fear modes are immediately realised

Though the first VR impression is bound to have you in full panic mode, the discomfort soon wears off after a few sessions of facing your fear. As your therapist will explain to you, it’s all in your breathing, facial expressions, sitting postures and a couple of other tricks. Within no time, you realise that your social anxiety,anxiety is all in your head!

VR therapy is a gradual process

You won’t lose your fear in a single day; it certainly takes a tidy amount of work. Your anxiety levels will, however, fall gradually as you get more accustomed. All the while, expect anxiety spikes every now and then; this indicates that the subconscious part of your brain is still capable of playing tricks on you!

Virtual reality therapy (VRT) gives you a platform where you’re at liberty to practice all those things you can’t control, but in a controlled environment. All you have to do is keep those eyes open!

Don’t worry if you’re a bit sceptical at first

It’s totally understandable for you to feel sceptical about trying VR therapy to help you deal with your social anxiety,social anxiety problems. It is a relatively new technology but so far, it has achieved impressive results and changed many lives. The therapist does a whole lot of tireless work too! That should never be forgotten.

It is your chance to live life fully without any anxieties; try VRT today and tell us what your experience is in our comment section.

By Karim Gabrony , Head Products Manager.

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