Smart Hats! New Arrival to The Wearable World.

What is the use of a Smart Hat?


Until recently wearable tech companies have focused their efforts on developing activity or fitness trackers that go on your wrist; be they smartwatches or wristbands they provided the only way to measure the parameters of your sports activity (such as heart rate)

There are the occasional foot pods that you can attach to your sneaker as well but even in this case, the monitoring technology is limited and not always very exact.

The Smart Hats go one step further by using, in some cases, sensors made with the technology of medical level to not only monitor your fitness activities parameters such as calorie consumption, heart rate, cadence or distance but also the fatigue level and the brain activity.

This technology can also be used to monitor the level of fatigue for drivers or people who operate heavy vehicles or workers who operate in extremely hot conditions. The results are sent via Bluetooth to a mobile phone app or to specially designed displays.

The top current producers of smart hats are…


Spree wearables Smart Hats


The SmartCap produced by Spree uses a rubber coated pod which is also waterproof and is placed in a silicone headband inside the cap’s sweatband.

The smart hat uses biometrics to accurately heart rate monitor, body temperature, movement, calorie consumption and other data which is transmitted via Bluetooth to multiple Android or iOS apps.

This hat is easy to wash by hand and has 30 UV protection. Spree has a revolutionary technology which measures heart rate by viewing the change in blood vessel size through the skin. As any innovative product, it is divisive as some tech websites claim the heart rate wasn’t accurate while others praised its efficiency.

LifeBEAM Smart Hats


The technology developed by this company was initially used to monitor the vital signs of pilots and astronauts. Now it is available to the general public through the smart hat which can monitor your heart rate with an optical heart-rate sensor seamlessly integrated and doesn’t need a chest strap.

Smart Hats

It also boasts an impressive 17 hours of use without recharging. The hat is all weather compatible and washable by hand.



This company focuses on monitoring the fatigue level of drivers or people who operate heavy vehicles. It provides real-time measurements which are based on exact data rather than estimation.

It provides instant alerts on the unusual or dangerous level of fatigues and also permits centralised monitoring which helps managers monitor their entire fleet online and have a real-time image of their driver’s alertness levels.

What is the price range of a Smart Hats?


The price of a smart hat ranges from an affordable 100$ for the LifeBEAM 130$ for the Spree to 199$ for more sophisticated products.

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