Why Wearable Tech Clothing Is a large Part of the Future!

Why Wearable Tech Clothing Is As Much a Part of the Future as Smartwatches?

There’s a flood of wearable watches in the market, all obsessed with fitness tracking, none of which want to admit that wearable tech clothing offers more accurate metric readings being in direct contact with the body. For wearables to live up to their billing, it is high time companies invest in wearable clothing; they have the ability to relay real-time actionable suggestions on how to improve the user’s overall health rather than merely counting steps.

Wearable tech clothing underwear already in market

Being in direct contact with your skin, smart underwear is the best suited to collect your vital information. For instance, a smart bra will measure the heart-rate, breathing pattern and your muscular tension more comprehensively than other wearable located far away from the source. Your muscle tension in turn measures accurately determines metric such as your anxiety, activity and stress levels. Undershirts, socks and smart boxers are also wearable clothing that one can start off with.

OMsingnal Infuses Mindful Running with Science.

The fitness band available in the market claim to measure these and more metrics from your list but clearly, that’ not the best place to get accurate sensory information from. Researchers have been vocal in affirming that wearables on your foot or hip region give incredibly accurate metrics.

The variety of smart wearable tech clothing is endless

Apart from being more customizable than all other wearables, smart clothes are normal-looking and discrete. The sensors can be incorporated in any part of the clothing, placing it in the best position to sense the required metrics. They are available in a wider variety of colours, styles, sizes and varieties than all other wearables. OMSignal, the manufacturer of many sports bra patterns, and recently Samsung, are among the most notable companies to take wearable clothing seriously.

Conducting elements in smart clothing are a series of threads that come into direct contact with your skin, over a large surface area, to collect the most accurate sensor data. Already, there are entire connected outfits which take note of all that’s happening in Already, there are entire connected outfits which take note of all that’s happening in your body before relying on actionable information through the companion app.

Companies should focus more on smart clothes

Though the idea has floated around for some years, only a handful of wearable technology companies has embraced and acted on it fully. Companies are now thinking out of the gym and acting on delivering wearable tech clothing to the mainstream market. Regardless of your gender, age, size or level of fitness, wearable clothes fit all purposes and demand so little.

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The conspicuous wearables today will not only attract attention but expect you to suddenly conform to a new lifestyle. They are demanding as you have to recharge ever so often and think about all the time; with smart clothes, just put them on and get on with your life as you normally would. You’ll still get actionable information in real-time.

Apart from measuring and analysing your workout, smart clothes are on the verge of tracking biometric data and your emotional wellbeing as well. Get on board; wearable tech clothing is the next big thing.

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